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Family loses all in Paul’s Lot fire

Family loses all in Paul’s Lot fire


A family of Paul’s Avenue watched years of hard work go up in flames, during a savage fire on Friday, June 29.

Debris, made up of burnt clothes, appliances and other household items, is all that is left of the house which Judy Bacchus and her family had called home for 20 years.

The self-employed mother of four told SEARCHLIGHT that she is still devastated by what took place.

Bacchus said on Friday at about 8 p.m., she was at home when her neighbour asked her if she was smelling something burning.

“We went inside the house to check to see if there was any iron or any other electrical thing that was burning, but there was nothing; everything was okay,” Bacchus related.

She then went back out of the house and sat in the yard, but was still smelling something burning.

Within the space of two minutes, things took a turn for the worse, she said.

“Somebody called out and say, ‘Judy, your house burning down’, so by the time we go out the gate and we looked up, we see this big fire…,” the woman said.

Bacchus said she ran into the back of the house to see what she could save, but her efforts were in vain.

She said her washing machine, clothes from her business, and other valuables were all gone.

The businesswoman said it is possible that the fire started in a small, wooden house that her brother occupies, located at the back of the property.

That house, she said, is presently occupied by her brother’s girlfriend.

“We tried to out it, but how it was board, it just spread from that house to my house. We did not save anything… Everything went up!” Bacchus said.

She added that she had just given her three-year-old daughter a bath and had to run with her when the fire began.

Bacchus’ daughter, Jennifer, an accountant, said since the fire, members from her church, Living Water Ministries, have donated clothes and C.K. Greaves supermarket donated food.

Promises of assistance also came from Deputy Prime Minister Girlyn Miguel and Central Kingstown representative St Clair Leacock, who visited them over the weekend.

While acknowledging that she is still a bit “shaken up” by the turn of events, she said she is comforted by God’s word.

“I know, in the end, God will restore,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer said she lost her laptop, desktop computer and other items, including most of her salary for June.

She explained that she withdrew money from the bank to pay bills and had the cash in her working bag, but that too was lost in the blaze.

At present, Judy, her nine and three-year-old children are staying in Green Hill, while the two others are staying with family and friends in New Montrose and Paul’s Avenue.

Despite all that has happened, Judy said she is optimistic about the future and thanks all those who offered encouraging words to her.

“I still have to thank God I have life. I am still here. I’m feeling much better than before… The Lord giveth and he taketh away. Those are just material things,” she said.

Persons desirous of assisting the family may contact them at: 491-6675 or 432-3597. (KW)