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Sandy released from police custody a second time without being charged

Sandy released from police custody a second time without being charged


The saga involving Dwaine Sandy, whom police said had been wanted in connection with a robbery and shooting incident, continues.

Earlier today, at 4:50 am, Sandy was released from police custody, for the second in less than a week. {{more}}

Sandy’s attorney Grant Connell, in a telephone interview with SEARCHLIGHT, confirmed that his client had been released from custody for a second time, again without charges being laid against him. He had been taken into police custody for “safe keeping” around 2:30 am, on Thursday, June 20, by members of the Rapid Response Unit (Black Squad), who went to his Brighton home.

The former national footballer, escorted by his attorney, had first turned himself in to local authorities on Monday, June 17, shortly after 11 am, after arriving here, on a LIAT flight from Grenada.

He was kept in police custody until Wednesday, when he was released without charge.

“My job is completed. I was retained to facilitate bringing a man home to clear his name from a crime that the police said he is wanted for…,” Connell told SEARCHLIGHT.

The attorney said he went beyond his job to see his client through the process and to make sure that his rights were not “abused”.

Connell said the police have a job to do and noted that it is imperative that they do their jobs in the interest of society and hopefully bring someone to justice for the crime.

On June 13, police officer Julanie Jack was shot, and an attendant of the Postal Corporation robbed of approximately $100,000 in Kingstown.

Sandy remains adamant that he was in Grenada at the time of the incident.

Police have also said there is another suspect in the matter.

The identity of the suspect has not been revealed.(KW)