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Jack captures Fisherman of the Year title with a haul of 785 pounds

Jack captures Fisherman of the Year title with a haul of 785 pounds


The conditions may not have been ideal for a day of fishing, but Lenford Jack and his crew of three in the vessel “Genesis” did what needed to be done to take the “Fisherman of the Year” title for 2013.{{more}}

Success for the Rilland Hill resident came 12 years after he first won the title in 2001.

Jack and his crew’s haul of 785 pounds on May 20 earned him the trophy and the grand prize of a 75HP Yamaha 4-Stroke outboard engine, among other items.

“I feel very good, and I have to give thanks to the Almighty Father,” Jack told SEARCHLIGHT.

“It’s all about giving the best you can to inspire the youths,” he said.

Jack shared that the secret to his success on Fisherman’s Day was remaining positive.

“It was all about winning — everybody had the confidence,” he said.

He also gave some insight into his success on the day — prayer.

“I prayed to win,” Jack said.

Regarding the weather, he said that the conditions were a bit squally, but with the system moving westward and him moving towards the east, the rainy, cloudy weather had very little negative impact on his day at sea.

With over 23 years of fishing experience, Jack said that he first started fishing with his father.

“He taught me everything,” the fisherman of the year said.

He disclosed that he had spent a few years working on a cruise line before returning home to set up his home and start his own business.

According to Jack, he has always treated fishing like a business — owning and selling vessels, he said.

His goal now is to upgrade himself and the way he operates his fishing business.

“I have three sons and I don’t want them to fish in the same way that my grandfather and father fished,” Jack said.

This is very important, he explained, as fishing is very expensive.

Fuel accounts for a large portion of his expenses, he said.

Uncertainty comes with the job Jack added.

He explained that he may make up to $1,000 in one day, but for the next day or two, he may return with nothing.

“So every day before I leave I ask the Almighty Father to bless me so I can sustain my family, which we all know is a hard thing to do today,” he said.

Jack and his crew beat Daniel Quow in the vessel “Sea Hunter” into second place with 663 pounds and Andy McMillan in “Determination” into third place, with 571 pounds.

In the Class 1 category, Rayal Layne took the award for the heaviest fish, weighing in at 191 pounds; Jamal Barzie took the award for the largest number of fish.

Under Class 2, Stanley Bradshaw returned with the heaviest catch; Allan Brooker took the prize for the largest number of fish and Leslie Hazelwood walked away with the heaviest single fish.

In Class 3, Marcell Mascoll caught the heaviest catch and Hamlet George the heaviest single fish; and in the Class 4 category, Augustine Warner took the award for the heaviest catch.

Kevin Richards copped first place in the Junior Competition and Earla Matthews took first place in the female category.(DD)