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Mother of beheaded woman: God does not render evil for evil

Mother of beheaded woman: God does not render evil for evil


Emelia Nanton, who is still trying to piece her life together, since the beheading of her daughter in 2006, is begging the public to allow her to do just that.{{more}}

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT yesterday, the still distraught mother said members of the public are “harassing” her about an incident that has absolutely nothing to do with her.

Last week, in New York, Vincentian Rosette “Diana” Samuel, 43, an officer of the New York Police Department (NYPD), shot and killed her one-year-old son Dylan Samuel and the child’s father, 33-year-old Dason Peters, before turning the 9mm Glock on herself.

Rosette Samuel is the sister of Shorn Samuel, the man who killed Nanton’s daughter, Stacy Wilson.

Rosette and Shorn Samuel, Nanton and Wilson all originate from Vermont, a village about two and a half miles inland from the South Leeward coast of St Vincent.

“Everybody meeting me and telling me how God answers prayers and what goes around comes around…

“This thing happen to Shorn’s sister and you’re looking for people to say we have to forgive each other and pray for one another, but some people acting as if I was praying for something bad to happen,” Nanton said.

Nanton made it clear that the prayers and wishes of others are not hers, and stated that “God does not render evil for evil”.

With long pauses between sentences, Nanton said it is really hard that such an issue has to rear its head when she is still trying to get over the loss of her daughter.

“Everyone is responsible for their own actions and I just want people to leave me alone, as I go about my business. At the end of the day, when the talk is gone, is I feeling the pain still and nobody know how I feeling…

“Stacy has died already, I accept it. I am trying to move on with my life, but some people just making me get sad, because I am trying to get over the loss of Stacy…,” Nanton said.

She added that people are meeting her in the street and asking her all kinds of questions about Samuel’s sister in the US.

“I don’t want people to ask me about that. I don’t want my name calling in that. I just want people to leave me alone. Nothing can’t bring back Stacy… Let me ride my storm in peace…,” Nanton said.

Nanton said what is happening affects her tremendously, because her younger son is getting older and is now understanding what happened to his sister.

The little boy was one year old when Stacy was killed six years ago.

“He’s understanding what is happening now, and when I hear people asking me about Shorn sister, it affecting me, because he asking about that too… I don’t have anything to do with Shorn and what happened in America,” she added.

She said she sympathises with some members of the family during their time of grief.

“I just want [to tell] people, when they see me, they could say anything else, but concerning this thing, just leave me out!” she demanded.

Wilson’s life was cut short on December 11, 2006 at the Leeward Bus Terminal, when Shorn Samuel pulled her from a minivan and beheaded her in view of hundreds of people, shortly after 3 p.m.

Samuel’s initial sentence of death by hanging was, in 2012, substituted by life imprisonment, after two psychiatrists agreed that at the time of the killing, Samuel was suffering from a mental disorder.