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Super fit Findlay, 69, shows benefits of healthy lifestyle

Super fit Findlay, 69, shows benefits of healthy lifestyle


Former West Indies wicketkeeper Michael Findlay yesterday demonstrated the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, when he gave a mini keep-fit demonstration at a hypertension symposium held by the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment.{{more}}

At 69 and a half years old, Findlay moved with agility and fluidity, as he showed the audience a few warm-up and stretching techniques, push-ups and sit-ups, as part of his presentation at the symposium, which took place at the Methodist Church Hall in Kingstown.

The first Vincentian, Windward or Leeward Island cricketer to secure a place in the West Indies cricket team (1969-1973), Findlay credited his fitness to a commitment to a healthy lifestyle over the years, which he said has developed his cardiovascular system, and gets him through his daily routine.

“To achieve the fitness levels required to participate successfully at any level of sports, it is vital to follow a regular programme of exercise, proper nutrition and diet and get adequate rest,” Findlay proposed.

“That had enabled me to play competitive cricket locally up to the age of 67, and my 70th birthday coming up in mid-October, thank God.

“I still go to the gym Mondays to Fridays, and work out for about an hour, mow my lawn twice a week, get up each morning at 4:30 to 5, to prepare and present the 7:15 a.m. sports bulletin on NBC radio, put in a normal day’s work as human resources advisor at KFC St Vincent, have enough energy to share quality time with my wife Jean and our 13-year-old daughter….

“It is important to exercise the heart to strengthen it, and keep it in the best of health,” the former West Indies manager and selector added.

“We can achieve this by making the heart pump rapidly for a few minutes each day. The best way to exercise the cardiovascular system is by following a regular programme of physical fitness. Exercise makes the heart pump fast, and in the process strengthens the entire cardiovascular system.

“To achieve and maintain fitness demands that you exercise on a regular and long-term basis and that it becomes an integral part of your lifestyle rather than being a passing phase of your life in order to fit into your clothes and….it is a commitment for a lifetime and you have to prepare to sweat and to get any benefits from exercise.”

Noting that fitness can be defined as having the capacity to cope with the physical needs of life, Findlay pointed out that fitness should not be reduced to prowess in sport, and not gained by exercise only, but should include paying attention to a healthy diet.

Findlay said that the individual must also be aware their own physical abilities, to be able to determine what works for them, on a day-to-day, and year-to-year basis.

“Physical fitness depends on eating the correct foods, getting sufficient rest and relaxation, and taking adequate daily exercise and maintaining a strong mental attitude.

“No personal trainer, no amount of modern expensive fitness equipment, no endless bottles of supplement will make you fit; it is your own determination to get fit and to remain fit that matters.”

Coming close to the end of his presentation, Findlay discarded his jacket, and pulling a towel from the podium, proceeded to show the audience that he was not all talk.

Findlay showed the audience some of his warm-up moves: jogging on the spot, then performed a number of stretches, while explaining the reasons for each move, then performing a number of push-ups and sit-ups without missing a beat, much to the appreciation of the audience and head table, which consisted a number of key health and wellness officials.

Findlay pointed out that fitness is a goal that can be achieved by most, if not all, as long as they are willing to make a commitment to themselves that they intend to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

“You need fitness in all facets of everyday life, and it can be achieved by anyone prepared to put in the right amount of work in the correct manner,” he added. (JJ)