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Daddy Pal celebrates his 108th birthday in fine style

Daddy Pal celebrates his 108th birthday in fine style


The man who is believed to be the oldest man in St Vincent and the Grenadines is thanking God for another year of life.{{more}}

Frederick Beache, affectionately known as “Daddy Pal”, last Saturday celebrated his 108th birthday in fine style, surrounded by three generations of loved ones and well-wishers.

A celebratory service in his honour was held at the Campden Park home of his daughter Verna.

Beache, still young at heart, full of wit, and fully conscious of his environment, despite his failing sight, said that he was doing fine, and “taking the rough with the smooth”, like his “daddy used to say”, when asked how he was doing.

Saturday’s service was presided over by Dean Patrick McIntosh, who superintended the communion service, scripture readings, prayers, hymns and choruses, including Pal’s favourite, “The Old Rugged Cross”.

Throughout the proceedings, Pal sang, tapped his feet and recited prayers, shared jokes, and showed that his memory was quite intact despite the years.

McIntosh said it was the grace of God which has sustained Pal over the years, and also the old man’s faithfulness.

“You are still faithful and true and we thank God. We give God the praise for His mercy endureth forever,” McIntosh said.

“Not many of those who have lived shorter lives have been given and allowed that spirit to propel them on the journey, but you, for 108 years, have allowed the Holy Spirit of God to be the one to drive you on in this life journey,” he added.

Following the service, Pal’s friends and family members shared memories of the man, born in Greiggs in 1905, who has been an inspiration to those whom he has met over the years.

Pal and friends also received a surprise visit from telecommunications provider LIME, who presented him with a fruit basket, a drinking mug, and free phone service for one year, to be renewed as long as he lives.

An accomplished baker, magician and entertainer in his day, the father of seven, grandfather of fifteen, and great grandfather of fifteen, attributes his long life to the grace of God over his diets and healthy lifestyles past.(JJ)