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Rockies man falls to his death at Mountain Cabbage

Rockies man falls to his death at Mountain Cabbage


A 47-year-old Rockies man died on Saturday after falling over a nine-foot wall but police say his cause of death will be known after an autopsy sometime today.{{more}}

Report reaching SEARCHLIGHT say Christopher “Marshy” Williams was sitting on the wall, in the Mountain Cabbage area at about 1:45 p.m. Saturday — just a few minutes away from his home, when he fell.

“He usually sits on that same wall every time he comes from the shop and is drunk,” a resident of the area told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday.

SEARCHLIGHT was also informed that in the past, Williams had fallen over the same wall.

His sister, Netta Williams, said she last spoke to her older brother on the Friday before his death and her last words to him were: “Marshy is best you buy your rum and come home and drink it.”

The two lived near each other, and Williams said she is still trying to overcome her brother’s “unfortunate” death.

“I couldn’t sleep Saturday night. He lives right next to me and if I look out my bedroom window I see his house. If I step outside the first thing I see is his house. It’s a bit hard to look out in that direction,” she said.

The bereaved sister said she learnt of her brother’s death about an hour after he fell over the wall.

She told SEARCHLIGHT she was at home sleeping, when someone visited her home and reported what had happened.

“The person told me they had passed him sitting on the wall, but when they pass back he wasn’t there and they thought he had done leave.

“It was when the owner for the house where he drop over the wall came out to come up the steps, she saw him there and called for help,” she said.

Williams described her brother as a “cool” individual.

“He used to drink his rum and would misbehave a bit. He wouldn’t trouble people, but he just use to carry on; but he was a humble guy,” his sister Netta added.

Williams was the father of three children.