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Youth caught throwing bag over prison wall

Youth caught throwing bag over prison wall


A youth, said to be in his late teens, was taken into police custody yesterday, after he reportedly attempted to throw a plastic bag over the wall at Her Majesty’s Prison in Kingstown.{{more}}

Police retrieved the bag, which was caught among the barbed wired on top the prison wall, but did not say what was inside.

About 11:10 a.m., vehicular traffic through the Paul’s Avenue area, behind the prison, came to a halt for about 15 minutes, as members of the Special Service Unit (SSU), led by Inspector Timothy Hazelwood, retrieved the bag.

A witness told SEARCHLIGHT the young man attempted to throw the plastic bag over the prison wall, but failed to do so, because an SSU officer reportedly caught him in the act.

The young man, who was wearing a green T-shit, grey jeans pants and black slippers, was held by the officer while back-up was summoned.

Several minutes later, a fire truck arrived and Hazelwood climbed its ladder and retrieved the bag.

When asked by the officer why he threw the bag and what was in it, the young man said he “didn’t know”. He said a lady had asked him “to throw it over”.

“See how you all does get in silly trouble,” the officer replied.

Meanwhile, a business operator in the area, who asked for anonymity, was “glad” that the individual was apprehended.

“I sometimes see them throw stuff over this wall all the time and I’m glad one got caught in the act,” the businessperson said. (AA)