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Blakey, Muntai battle each other in court

Blakey, Muntai battle each other in court


The sitting of the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court yesterday was a veritable comedy show, as the case involving calypsonian Vincent “Blakey” Cuffy and Monty “Muntai” Thomas took centre stage.{{more}}

Thomas, a homeless man who is well known around Kingstown, was found guilty of stealing Cuffy’s radio, a music sheet and a few CDs valued at $350.

Senior Magistrate Donald Browne ordered Thomas to pay Cuffy $350 for the items in one month, or spend three months in prison.

Thomas, clad untidily in a grey shirt, army green trousers with a makeshift belt and a pair of sneakers that did not match, told the court “Ah go pay him.

“Ah go go to my boss and get that money dey…” Muntai said as other prisoners, police officers and onlookers laughed aloud.

Cuffy told the court that on May 18, he was walking in Little Tokyo, Kingstown area with his radio and a bag in his hand.

“When I pass, he grab me bag and start to run. I couldn’t catch him. He run in Paul’s Lot and tek me CD and me other things them…” Cuffy said.

Cuffy said he had all his music on the sheet as he was about to attend practice for the Carnival season.

He further said he reported the incident to the police shortly after.

“I tell de police leh we go. This ain’t no joke thing. Them (police) say they know Muntai and they go catch him, but I tell them he might done sell me things and smoke the music…

“I want my things them. I don’t know way wrong with this man. Yuh lordship, charge him ah fine and if he can’t pay, gi’ him two years [in prison].”

Meanwhile, a surprised looking Thomas stood in the box with his hands on his hips and said Cuffy’s story wasn’t true.

“I ain’t steal nothing from him. We been buy some cocaine. I paid $3.50 and he put $1.50 and we buy ah $5 worth. Ah buss it [cocaine] with a razor and give him the smallest piece because I pay the most money … He holding it against me because I give he a peas grain of cocaine…” Thomas said.

Cuffy denied the claim and said he does not smoke cocaine.

Thomas, who is about 5 feet tall, continued to deny the charges against him.

“I listen to music, too. How I go tek he music and I does sing better than he. If yuh war we sing, let we do it and see…” Thomas said as police shouted “silence in court” to quell an eruption of laughter.

Under stiff cross-examination, Thomas said Cuffy said he had evidence and asked why he didn’t bring “one piece” of the evidence to court.

“If I run through Paul’s Lot with the things them, what would you do? Wouldn’t you get the police to come find me?” Thomas said as he closed his cross-examination. (KW)