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Physically challenged man dies days after beating

Physically challenged man dies days after beating


The family of murdered Campden Park resident Raphael Patterson allege that support from relevant authorities was lax, following the August 1 assault that led to the death of the 32-year-old physically disabled man.{{more}}

Alrick Patterson and Elma Sobers told SEARCHLIGHT that they believe both law enforcement officers and medical practitioners reacted slowly, after their son, also known as ‘Raphy’, was attacked by another Cane Wood, Campden Park resident, resulting in his death last Thursday, August 16.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT from his home at Campden Park on Tuesday, Alrick claimed that after his wheelchair bound son was attacked during an argument with another man, he went to the police on the matter four times before any investigations into the matter took place.

Raphy’s father claims that after his son was hospitalized, officers from the Questelles Police Station came to him and told him that his son had threatened someone, not knowing that Raphy had been hospitalized.

“The next day (Saturday), I went to police… but no police ever came out the police station, although I told them Raphy was in the hospital,” he related.

“I went back after that, the same day, because the doctor gave me a paper and told me to tell the police come and talk to them, and no police never come until after he dead.

“We had to go to the Commissioner of Police who sent us back to Questelles…. No Questelles police came and take no statement,” Patterson claimed.

He said it was officers from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) who came and recovered information on August 17.

Meanwhile, the deceased’s mother, who resides in Barbados, said that while her son was in the hospital, she was frustrated with the pace of health officials, in getting treatment and attention for Raphy.

“On Monday (August 6), the nurse tell me he have to get a CAT scan, and it would cost me plenty money…. When I done pay the money that is when they tell me that the CAT scan not working… and they have to get some technician to repair it.

“It was not until the Thursday (August 9) they take him for the CAT scan. So, is it my money they used to pay for the CAT scan to work?

“I had to go buy pampers and paracetamol for Raphy. You mean to tell me the hospital don’t have these things for patients?” Sobers lamented.

Elma told SEARCHLIGHT that she asked if she could take her son to Barbados for treatment, but was told she could not do so, because he was in no condition to travel.

She said she believed that if she was able to take him overseas, her son might still be alive today.

“I want justice for my son. If I don’t get justice, God will give me justice.”

SEARCHLIGHT understands that Raphael was slapped and thrown from his wheelchair, after insulting the father of the man charged with his death.

Alrick stated that Raphy’s death certificate states that he suffered a cracked skull, and bleeding on his brain.

The deceased, who measured about two and a half feet tall, was described as a very independent individual, despite his disability, and was a talented craftsman.

“Raphy had a very outgoing personality,” his sister Susan contributed. “He never let his disability slow him down. He cooked for himself, he washed for himself; he was so jolly. He used to be at all the shows and used to meet with all the artistes and entertainers when they come here.”

His sister said, however, that the only problem with Raphy was that at times, he used the only strength he had – his words – in not so flattering ways, and this would usually get him on the wrong side of people.

“His mouth was like a razor; his tongue was sharp.”

Alrick said that at birth 32 years ago, Raphy was not expected to live out the year. He was the seventh of eight children born to Sobers.

He will be laid to rest on Saturday at the Lowmans Hill cemetery, following a service at the Wesleyan Holiness Church in Campden Park.

On Wednesday this week, at the Serious Offences Court in Kingstown, 48-year-old Ellsworth Williams was charged with Patterson’s death.