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Cordelia Stephens begs for another chance

Cordelia Stephens begs for another chance


Cordelia Stephens is asking that people give her another chance because she believes that she has already been forgiven by God.

Although she admits that she is yet to be greeted with negativity, Stephens said that some people may still look at her as a murderer, but she is not.{{more}}

“People should give me a little chance and let me move on with my life and be with my family again,” the 59-year-old woman told SEARCHLIGHT.

“I think people should give me another chance too, because God has already forgiven me,” she continued, saying that it is often difficult for humans to forgive each other.

“But God is a forgiving God once you give Him all the praise,” she told SEARCHLIGHT.

Stephens was convicted, along with Anthony Robinson back in 1989 for her involvement in the chopping death of her 51-year-old husband, Glendon Stephens, in Richland Park.

Stephens, then 36-years-old, was sentenced to death.

She however spent only a little over 5 years on death row. Her sentence was later reduced to life in prison, something she said she was extremely grateful for.

More good news would come her way when on April 5 this year, she was one of three inmates at Her Majesty’s Prisons who were released upon the recommendation of the local Prerogative of Mercy Committee.

She said that her life changed during her incarceration, and she learnt how to depend on God.

“Sometimes we feel we can do things our own way without God’s help, but I learnt how to depend on God’s help,” she contended.

As a result of her faith, Stephens said that she maintained her confidence that she would get out someday.

“I was just waiting for that day, because I am a believer in prayers. I used to pray to God a lot to give me the chance to be with my family again and now I am happy to be out,” she said.

Stephens’ pardon was granted on Holy Thursday and up to the time of her release, she and Robinson were the longest serving inmates at Her Majesty’s Prisons.

She told SEARCHLIGHT that she had just been locked down for the day and was in her cell when she heard the lock turn.

The door opened and the matron tapped her on her leg said, “Get up, get up, you going home for good!”

“I started trembling,” Stephens recalled, adding that after brief goodbyes and bidding her cellmates farewell, she said she walked outside and immediately dropped her bags, raised her arms to the heavens and said “Thank you God for a second chance.”

She said that she spent the first few hours of freedom getting reacquainted with relatives and close friends.

“Sometimes I feel like I am in a dream still. I find myself asking am I really home?” Stephens told SEARCHLIGHT.

For now, the mother of five said that she wants God to help her so that she can in turn make a difference in the lives of the young people in her community.

“Because being behind bars isn’t easy, especially for young people.”

She further contended that there are too many young people going to prison, so she wants her life to shine for the youth.

There is no plan yet however, but she says that she is determined in her quest to be of assistance to her community, especially the young because she says that she wants them to live a life for Christ and to let them know that prison is not a nice place.

But for now, she is content just readjusting to life on the outside, but is willing to give something positive back to her community. (DD)