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Policewoman: Stop spreading rumours about me!

Policewoman: Stop spreading rumours about me!


Police Officer Tricia Patterson wants persons to desist from spreading rumors about her being HIV positive to stop!{{more}}

The frustrated woman visited SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, February 15, to send a message to those responsible to stop doing so, as a HIV test she had taken that day was negative.

“I am tired, fed up and frustrated of them harassing me and spreading false rumors,” she said.

Patterson said in February 2011, another female started the rumour that she is HIV positive, and since then, she has been harassed by persons from her community and around Kingstown.

The Diamond resident claims that last year, she had employed a young man to do construction work on her home and this is when she learnt about the “negative rumour.”

“I hired the young man to do some work on my home. Two days later into his job, he came to me and told a woman say I have disease, but don’t say, she say.

“I demand from him the name of the woman, and he told me,” Patterson explained.

A few days later, several other persons met her and told her they had heard the same thing, she said.

“People met me after and told me what she said about me. Added to that whenever I pass where she sells as a vendor in Middle Street, she always pointing her finger at me and people start staring.”

The police officer claims that she has also been receiving cell phone calls and text messages from persons she is not acquainted with, accusing her of having AIDS.

“On New Year’s Day, I received a text saying that they will (using indecent language) kill me.”

“Even when I was walking up here, an unknown call again.”

The mother of two says that the situation has got out of hand, and now her children, aged 7 and 11, are aware of what’s happening and “they, too, are affected by what is being said.”

Patterson said she has reported the matter to police, but to date she is not aware of any investigations into the matter, nor has she seen any report, although she requested a copy.

“Since they started spreading these rumors on me, I have not been on full duty. I am on call. I have not received a suspension, or no explanation was given to me,” the distressed woman said.

Patterson said that she will be changing her cell phone number in order to stop the harassment, and is pleading with those responsible to “stop spreading rumors about me having disease because my test results are here and it says negative.”