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New year, newborns

New year, newborns


January 1, 2012, signalled two firsts for Shakeila English.

At 12:21 am, she welcomed her first child into this world. Not only was it her first child, but also the first baby born at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital for the new year.{{more}}

Jolie English, weighing seven pounds and one ounce, pushed her way into the lime light ahead of three other babies born at the hospital that day.

New year, newbornsThe proud mum of Arnos Vale, who sported a radiant smile just a day after her child’s birth, described her experience giving birth as a “great one”. “It’s better than what people say; bringing a life into this world is the best thing I have ever experienced all around. This is way better than what you see on TV,” she chuckled, as baby Jolie slept peacefully in her arms in a pink outfit.

English, an accountant at Wills Agencies, said she is not even thinking about a brother or sister for Jolie anytime soon, but said she is on “pause” for the time being.
 Dwayne and SHAKEILa English are happy that their child was delivered safely.
Jolie’s proud dad Dwayne English said it was a very overwhelming experience and stated that he was happy that their child was delivered safely.

New year, newborns
Coming in over two hours later at 2:30 a.m., Chante Forde was fast asleep as her mum Dara Forde sat on her bed at the Maternity Ward, stroking her arm.

Chante weighed six pounds.

The 18-year-old mother, who hails from South Rivers, expressed thanks to God that her daughter came without any complications. Unlike English who described delivery as a great experience, Forde said “It was stressful and a lot of pain.”

She, however, firmly stated that this baby would be her first and last.

Dara Forde and her baby girl Chante. 
Seventeen year old Afifa Ash of Redemption Sharpes explained to SEARCHLIGHT that she liked Miss SVG 2011 Aviar Charles so much so that she named her daughter after her.

“I just liked her and that’s why I choose that name,” Afifa said.

The young mother, who preferred not to be photographed, said she was happy that her baby was the third born for the year.

Her baby weighed in at seven pounds seven ounces and was delivered at 6:00 a.m.

Rounding off the top four is Kacy Johnson’s bouncing baby boy. Weighing in at seven pounds, Johnson’s baby who is yet to be named, was delivered at 9:40 am.

The 20-year-old Rose Hall resident who was short on words, related that she was glad that it is all over and glad her second child was born on the first day of the year.

SEARCHLIGHT wishes the parents and their newborns the very best and God’s blessings for 2012.