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Cyclist struck, killed in a vehicular accident

Cyclist struck, killed in a vehicular accident


Tragedy struck the Cruickshank family of La Croix on Boxing Day, December 26, when 14-year-old Steffan Cruickshank was killed in a vehicular accident, as he was riding his bicycle along the Mesopotamia public road.{{more}}

Mother, Harriet Cruickshank, told SEARCHLIGHT that her son was making his way to visit a friend who lives in Cane End when the accident occurred a short distance from the youth’s home.

The grieving mother said that her husband was the first to go on the scene after someone had told them of the incident and that when he arrived, he saw his son lying in the road.

Since then, family members and friends have been trying to cope with the tragedy.

It was just 24 hours earlier, on Christmas Day, that Steffan and his family spent the day together at a friend’s house, a family friend told SEARCHLIGHT.

Family members and close friends say that they are having difficulty dealing with the tragedy.

“I am still in a state of disbelief,” the boy’s mother said.

“It is really hard to believe that he gone,” she continued.

According to Cruickshank, her son was a good rider.

She, however, admitted that Steffan’s father Steve was a bit apprehensive about his son riding his bike on a public holiday, stating that motorists were usually reckless on the roads during these times.

But she contended that her son had made the journey on numerous occasions before, and thought nothing about his decision to ride to his friend’s home. In fact, she said that she figured that the roads would not have been as busy.

“He loved to ride. That was his hobby,” she said, adding that she thought that her son would be safe.

A distraught Harriet Cruickshank described her son as loving and well liked.

“He was always willing to help people, and he was well liked by the entire community,” Cruickshank told SEARCHLIGHT.

Aunt, Isabella George, said that her nephew was quiet and well mannered.

“He would never pass without saying hello. You could always ask him to do anything for you, and he was willing,” George said.

She, too, said that the news of the tragic occurrence was particularly difficult to accept.

“It took me a while before it could sink in. I keep saying no, no, no this is not happening,” the woman lamented.

“It was really hurtful, painful, to know that such a young person lost his life in such a way,” George continued.

Ezekiel Cato, cousin, said that he believes if he was there with Steffan, things might have gone differently.

He told SEARCHLIGHT that the pair would often ride together and would often look out for any potential danger along the road while riding.

Cato explained that he went elsewhere and left Steffan at home.

“I asked him if he was going anywhere and he said no. He asked me if I was going Mespo and I tell him yeah and that is the last time I talk to him,” the boy said.

He remembered his deceased cousin as being particularly good with electronics adding that he was also a good student academically.

Cruickshank was a fourth form student of the St Vincent Grammar School.

Tasheika Diamond said that she wanted justice for her cousin.

She said that she was making her way home and after being stuck in traffic as a result of the accident, she decided to exit the vehicle she was traveling in and walk home.

That was when she saw the body of her cousin lying on the road, she told SEARCHLIGHT.

“I kept saying where is the ambulance and I heard somebody say that there wasn’t any available in the district,” she said.

Diamond fought back the tears, saying that she was angry that nobody made any attempt to take her cousin to seek medical attention.

“Everybody just surround and nobody try help him,” she said.

The young woman said that she was having difficulty sleeping at night since the accident.

“When I close my eyes I seeing him and I say if I could have helped,” she explained.

“The only thing I want is justice.”

Meanwhile, relatives say that they will be doing their best to try to cope and they had no intention to have any bitter feelings towards the driver of the vehicle.

“I am sad, but I am not a person to hold anger against anybody. I have a forgiving spirit, and now I have to forget because bitterness won’t help me to move on,” Harriet Cruickshank explained.

“If I am bitter I won’t be able to move on with my life, and I know he (Steffan) wouldn’t want me to be bitter because he was a loving child and he would want me to move on,” she said.

Aunt Isabella George also contended that the best thing was to “let go of that and forgive him and move on.”

“We are Christians and we truly depend upon God and put our trust in Him that he will give us the strength to move on.”

“I know that sometimes we will think about this, but God is able to see us through,” she said.

George further explained that the family was very close and that they were going to ensure that they remain there for each other as they overcome the tragedy together.

Police Constable Emerald Jackson of Glenside is said to be assisting police with their investigations into the matter. A post mortem examination is expected to be carried out.