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Rilland Hill man after ‘Best Lit House’ hattrick

Rilland Hill man after ‘Best Lit House’ hattrick


Jimmy Samuel of Rilland Hill is seeking a hattrick this year, in the “VINLEC – Kenneth Ash Memorial Best Lit House” competition of the National Nine Mornings and Christmas festival.{{more}}

This will be Samuel’s fifth year participating in the competition, in which he took first place in 2009 and 2010.

“It will be real nice to get this hattrick, it is hard work, but I enjoy doing it and I want that hattrick,” a very cheerful Samuel said.

Samuel, who returned to these shores in 2005, after spending 44 years in the United States, went on to say that he has been lighting his home since then and is pleased to know that his lighting brings happiness to some persons.

“When I came home one time for vacation, while my mother was still alive, I lit the house and she loved it so I continued. Then when I came home for good, I started lighting mine here and people encouraged me to enter the lighting competition. I told them no, because I don’t do this for the competition, I do it because I love to, but then I entered in 2007, and it has been great so far,” he added.

When asked how many lights are on display, Samuel replied saying, “you can’t count all those.”

“It’s thousands of lights here, that’s what I can tell you.”

Putting up so many Christmas lights on your home is very expensive and hectic, according to Samuel.

Last year, Samuel said he spent over EC$500 to purchase lights and this year, he spent more than that amount.

“Sometimes when the rest of the family gone to sleep, I am up until past midnight putting up the lights…” he added.

Samuel also thanked members of his neighborhood for their support and assistance over the years.

“The support has been good. I have some neighbours they are very good people. One of them even gave me some lights. I had some white ones on the fence and I took them off and put on the red ones he gave to me.”

The official turning on of Samuel’s lights took place on Thursday, December 15 at his Rilland Hill residence.

Upon arrival of the official turning on of the lights, SEARCHLIGHT observed a number of persons taking photos of the many lights that decorated the Samuel’s yard and the entire front portion of the house.

At about 7:00 p.m., steel pan music played while children ran about excitedly, while adults conversed among themselves about the beautifully lit house.

Last year Samuel’s house outshone Olivia DaSilva of Cane End who placed second, and Hamlet Garrick of Pembroke, third for the “Best Lit Private House”.

The ‘lighting up’ competition is named in honour of the late Kenneth Ash of Lowmans Hill who pioneered the large scale lighting up of private homes at Christmas, here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. (AA)