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Thousands in city for Sunday Christmas shopping

Thousands in city for Sunday Christmas shopping


Despite the economic downturn, the streets of Kingstown were flooded with thousands of people last Sunday evening, with some shopping, while the others seemed to be just strolling around town, enjoying the sights and sounds of the many activities which were taking place.{{more}}

It was also bumper to bumper traffic and a number of traffic police officers were observed directing the vehicular traffic.

Some shoppers told SEARCHLIGHT that they were taking advantage of the many special discounts that were being offered by the stores; some said that they were just catching up on last minute shopping, while others said that they were taking in some of the other activities around town.

The annual Christmas concert by inmates of Her Majesty’s Prison was one such event that attracted many spectators. Another event was a gospel concert dubbed, “We Can”, held at Heritage Square.

The most populated shopping locations were Middle Street and along Grenville Street. Vendors were seen selling an assortment of items along those locations. Even some of the stores took their items out onto the streets, in an effort to attract more sales.

Erica Raymond, accompanied by her son and two nephews, was among the persons in Kingstown on Sunday.

Raymond told SEARCHLIGHT that “despite the rough economic times, we have to make with what we have and enjoy the season.

“Most of the stores have discounts, so this will assist in whatever way, so people can pick up their Christmas shopping,” she said.

Asked if she had completed her shopping list, Erica said “not yet, but soon I will.”

Cornelia Ollivierre, who recently won Courts’ home makeover, was also in Kingstown with her daughter, grandchildren and son-in-law.

Ollivierre disclosed that she was not shopping, but only accompanied her daughter and husband, because she was encouraged by them to do so.

“I don’t want anything really, but they asked me to and I brought my grandchildren for the Sunday afternoon out.”

Despite not shopping, Ollivierre did support one of the many food vendors by purchasing the popular Christmas drink sorrel, along with ham and bread.

One young lady who did not want her identity disclosed told SEARCHLIGHT that Christmas for her this year is a bit hard, because she is presently unemployed.

“… Nevertheless I am here in town with my sisters and we have come together and pooled the limited finance we have to buy the stuff we need to make our Christmas merry.

“I lost my job two months ago and last year I was in town almost every Sunday shopping; but this year I can only manage one Sunday shopping, so I chose the last Sunday, because I know they (stores) will give higher discounts,” the individual said.

Her two sisters echoed the same sentiments.

Meanwhile, Toni Sassine, proprietor for Toni Store, located in Middle Street said that business for him this season was not as good as last year’s. He, however, said that he is thankful to the persons who supported his business.

“This year is not as good as last year. Maybe because of the economic downturn…

“I want to wish all a Merry Christmas, though, and a prosperous New Year.”(AA)