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Large boulder falls on house injuring man

Large boulder falls on house injuring man


Thirty-three year old David “Eye-e” Poyer is counting his blessings after escaping with his life when a large boulder crashed into his home and on to him.{{more}}

At about 4:30 am Wednesday, December 14, neighbours in the Roseau community were awakened by a loud bang. Upon investigation, it was discovered that two large rocks had fallen from an abandoned quarry and onto Poyer’s wooden three room house, destroying the structure and injuring him in the process.

Up to press time, David was still a patient at the MCMH nursing broken ribs, swelling of various parts of his body and a torn right side.

David’s neighbour Junior Webb, who lives a few feet away from where the incident occurred, told SEARCHLIGHT it was a frightening experience.

Webb said he was in bed when he heard the loud bang. At first, he thought it was just that Poyer’s house had fallen off its wooden posts, but after investigating he saw otherwise.

“When I heard the sound, I came out my back door and peep first. When I look, I saw the house going down…” Webb explained.

Webb said he was one of the first individuals to assist David, who was rescued from beneath two pieces of plywood on which the rock rested.

“He is lucky to be alive, and maybe because the plywood was on him, and not the rock directly,” he added.

Webb said he has been living at the bottom of the quarry for over eight years and this is not the first time that rocks have fallen from the location.

Poyer, however, has been residing at the location for the just over four years, according to his mother, Leslyn Poyer.

The depressed woman explained that she is saddened by what transpired.

“I am really, really sad. I didn’t expect this to happen,” she told SEARCHLIGHT.

Leslyn lives a short distance away from her son, and said she was awakened by the loud noise.

“When I looked outside, I didn’t see anything, but the dogs kept barking. I then went back in my bedroom, when my daughter received a phone call and she came rushing into my room, ‘Mummy mummy, Eye-e house come down’.

I didn’t wait for anything, I ran out the house and went up the road,” she said.

The mother explained that when she arrived on the scene, her son had already been taken out from the wreckage.

According to Leslyn, she fainted just after arriving at the location, but regained consciousness soon after.

However, she collapsed again, this time when she saw persons lifting her son into a vehicle to transport him to the hospital.

“I dropped to the ground again and I was told after that is two ladies who lifted me and put me in the same vehicle.”

When asked about David’s condition, with tears filling her eyes, the mother said she was informed by doctors that her son was okay, but upon seeing him, she thinks otherwise.

“They did a scan on him and said he had broken ribs. His head and chest were also swollen. He had already done surgery on his side, because his right side was ripped way and you could see inside.

“I don’t know, I really don’t, but the doctor says he will be okay,” Leslyn finally stated.