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Nine Mornings launched at Heritage Square

Nine Mornings launched at Heritage Square


Vincentians of all ages gathered at Heritage Square last Sunday, December 4, to witness the launch of the 2011 edition of the Nine Mornings celebrations.{{more}}

This year marks the 13th year since the festival was reintroduced as part of the national calendar of events, and according to Lennox Bowman, the Deputy Chairman of the National Nine Mornings Committee, it has now evolved.

Bowman commended the many volunteers who, he said, contributed significantly to ensuring the festival’s survival and for taking it across the country.

“It is the only country in the world that celebrates Nine Mornings, so we have to preserve it,” he said.

René Baptiste, former Minister of Culture and current Chairman of the Board of Directors at VINLEC said that as the company celebrates its jubilee anniversary, it had been doing its part to contribute to the festival by assisting various communities in the past.

This year was no different, with VINLEC taking charge of lighting the tree at Heritage Square.

Baptiste explained that the decision to put up a little light was “to put a little cheer, because the coming of Christ was also the coming of light, joy and peace.”

The spirit of the event was, however, marred by the tragedy which occurred hours earlier, with the death of Ewart ‘Ells’ King, prompting Baptiste to urge persons to be extra careful during the festive season.

She urged persons to be careful in their homes and on the streets of Kingstown while doing their shopping.

Minister of Culture, Frederick Stephenson, in his remarks, reminded persons that the season was a time for love, sharing and for peace.

“I want to say that I believe that there is too much violence and the reason is because we have become a people who have forgotten how to love and forgive,” Stephenson said.

Deputy Prime Minister Girlyn Miguel urged persons to pray, saying that Nine Mornings was a derivative from the church and a time when people would gather together to hear the Word of God and to pray.

She further contended that the festival was not just about the culture, but was a time for prayer.

“Ask for Jesus to enter the hearts to rid crime and violence,” she said.

Sunday’s launch also featured performances from a number of church and dance groups and individual artists such as Sulle, Luta, C.P Hall and La Gracia dance group, among others. (DD)