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Truck collides with car on Pembroke road

Truck collides with car on Pembroke road


Up to press time on Wednesday evening, two men were receiving medical attention at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital in Kingstown.{{more}}

Earlier in the day, shortly after 1:00 p.m., a blue truck(TP 689) collided with a gold colored Hyundai car (PN 580) in the Pembroke vicinity, close to the entrance of the Buccament Bay Resort.

The truck, driven by a male identified as ‘Wayne’ and fully loaded with sand, was travelling in the direction towards Buccament/ Layou when it allegedly struck the car heading in the direction of Kingstown, driven by an individual identified only as ‘Mr. Browne’.

One eyewitness, who was travelling in a vehicle behind the truck, said that the truck driver appeared to have lost control of the vehicle after hitting a pothole.

“I see the truck speeding on the stretch, and when he hit the hole the back of the truck swerve round and the front hit the car, and the truck just keep skidding.”

“Because of the load in the truck, from the time it hit that hole he couldn’t control that,” the eyewitness said.

Another individual who did not see the impact, but heard the collision, said that he heard what sounded like an explosion, and when he looked up he saw ‘a truck reversing going down the road.’

After the truck hit the car, it stopped about 50 metres from the point of impact.

The collision left the driver of the Hyundai trapped in the vehicle, until other commuters and passersby came to his assistance.

At first, volunteers tried pulling off the door of the vehicle using chains, after which they cut away the steering wheel to free the pinned driver, who was conscious during the entire ordeal.

The driver, who was transported to the hospital by ambulance, appeared to have suffered chest and leg injuries.

The driver of the truck, visibly shaken by the ordeal, was also taken to the hospital in the same ambulance.

The area where the collision occurred is notorious for a number of serious accidents; a number of them resulting in fatalities.