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‘Satan really busy. Watch how them kill me Father’’CHRONIC’ SLAIN

‘Satan really busy. Watch how them kill me Father’’CHRONIC’ SLAIN


The last thing Seraft ‘Chronic’ Trumpet said to his wife on the day of his death was “Baby, I will be back as soon as possible.”{{more}}

As she makes funeral arrangements, and perhaps for ever, those words of her slain husband reverberate in Patricia Trumpet’s mind.

Trumpet, 43, landlord/businessman, succumbed to a single stab wound to his chest on November 15, at about 3:00 pm, in the area of Vee Jays restaurant, following an altercation with another man.

Details surrounding the incident are still sketchy.

Trumpet, who would have been celebrating 12 years of marriage on February 26, 2012, said she wants to see justice done for her husband. She noted that she had just picked up her son from school when she received the news about her husband’s misfortune.

“I feel real upset, mad…My husband was a loving and caring person and was well known by the entire community. They need to bring back the death penalty. You can’t just have people killing and getting away with it and then sitting down and eating tax payers money… Something needs to be done. What is the worst of the worst?” Trumpet questioned.

With their two children, five year-old Marvelous and one year-old Excellent clutched under her arms, the Long Wall resident said she saw her husband twice at the mortuary on Wednesday and it brought peace to her.

“I was so nervous yesterday and shaking, but he just calm me down today, when I see him in the mortuary. Is like he tell me “Babes, don’t worry …My husband didn’t deserve to die like that,” Trumpet said

Trumpet said her son Marvelous is hurt by what has happened to his father.

“He (Marvelous) say “Satan really busy. Watch how them kill me father,” said Trumpet.

Revealing that Seraft was the only man she has and will ever love, Trumpet, circling her index finger over her wedding ring, said she and her husband made an oath that that they will die together.

“It’s hard now. He gone and leave me. We started a house and I went inside there to see all the work that he did, but it just made me cry…,” she added.

Mother, Lily Trumpet, who said she is very angry at the situation, described her sixth child as a “kind, loving and sometimes gentle man”.

“He did not stand nonsense or did he take any silliness from anybody,” Trumpet said.

The mother of seven is also crying out for justice for her son and noted that no value in being placed on human life anymore in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Meanwhile, police confirmed that Jeffrey Collins, 21, of Prospect, is assisting with investigations into the matter. (KW)