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Missing girl found after 48 days

Missing girl found after 48 days


Thirteen year old Ikeisha Quammie, who was reported missing since September 19, is now reunited with her sister.{{more}}

Although sister Mesha Quammie told SEARCHLIGHT that Ikeisha had voluntarily returned home, a police report stated that the girl was spotted in a rented car in the company of two young men by members of the Narcotics Unit while on patrol in the Hopewell area on Sunday, November 6.

The release stated that girl was then taken to the Mesopotamia Police station before she was eventually reunited with her sister.

During a press briefing on Monday, November 7, Commissioner of Police Keith Miller updated members of the media on the case, saying that Ikeisha was seen in the Largo Heights area some three weeks ago.

Miller also indicated that she had gone to the home of a young man, but left after the father of the youth indicated that he did not want her (Ikeisha) staying there.

Ikeisha did not disclose her whereabouts to SEARCHLIGHT, but maintained that she was safe all along.

Ikeisha told SEARCHLIGHT that she was grateful to all those who assisted her sister and promised not to leave her sister’s home again.

But while Mesha says that she is happy to have her sister back, she said that she fears that her younger sibling would soon run away again.

Mesha says that Ikeisha, formerly a student of the West St George Secondary School, wants to continue with her education, but she (Mesha) will have to try to enroll her into another school. (DD)