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Mother claims daughter overpowered by evil spirits

Mother claims daughter overpowered by evil spirits


Suzi Sutherland says that she is seeking assistance from anyone to help with her ordeal.{{more}}

The Orange Hill resident is convinced that her 30-year-old daughter Giezela is possessed by an evil spirit, which has since made life difficult for the entire family.

“I can’t do anything; I can’t go to my lands, I can’t go out – I don’t even self know what to do,” Sutherland told SEARCHLIGHT.

Her daughter’s condition started shortly after the young woman migrated to Canada a few years ago, but has worsened since her return in August this year.

Sutherland said her daughter sought medical assistance while living in Canada, and a doctor who accompanied Giezela to St. Vincent confirmed that the tests did not reveal anything about her condition.

The mother said that she has tried taking her daughter to medical experts here, but after being advised that she needed to take her to the mental institution, Sutherland said that she has stopped taking her daughter for medical advice.

She said that she has even resorted to getting help from members of the local Spiritual Baptist church.

“The pointer come and rub she down; they pray with her, but nothing,” she said.

Sutherland said that she is running out of possible solutions and is calling on members of the public who are willing to come forward to offer assistance.

“Because she has her two kids too, she can’t take care of them,” the woman said.

She told SEARCHLIGHT that she lives in constant fear, because her daughter’s body and mind have been totally taken over by something evil that has issued numerous death threats to her and other members of the family, including Giezela’s two children.

“At night, I can’t sleep because I have to set up with she, else she (Giezela) will run way,” the traumatized woman said.

She added that she has to keep knives and other sharp objects out of Giezela’s reach after she (Giezela) attacked her with a knife during one of the episodes.

The ordeal has been having a negative effect on the young woman’s children, Sutherland explained.

Giezela has been described as a “nice girl”, but after allegedly being overpowered by the evil presence, she often uses obscene language.

Sutherland described a typical episode saying that the voice that is heard is not that of her daughter, but rather that of the evil spirit.

“We keep hearing a female voice and it will instruct her to do things,” she explained.

“The spirit will speak whole day,” the woman continued.

SEARCHLIGHT visited the residence twice over the weekend, but did not witness an episode; however, during the first interview on Saturday, reporters heard a voice, which sounded like that of an older female. Giezela’s family members confirmed that that voice was the voice of the evil spirit. (DD)