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Questelles man shot with fish gun, lucky to be alive

Questelles man shot with fish gun, lucky to be alive


Up to press time on Wednesday, details were still sketchy about the circumstancs which led to the wounding of Questelles resident Cornelius Brent Hackshaw.{{more}}

Hackshaw, 28, suffered from a wound to his neck from what appeared to be the arrow of a fish gun. The arrow, which entered through the front of Hackshaw’s neck, remained lodged in his neck until it was surgically removed at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

The incident is alleged to have taken place shortly after 5:00 pm on Wednesday at Questelles beach.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that Hackshaw, with a blood drenched T-shirt and the arrow lodged in his neck, walked from the beach where he was shot and made his way to where he was able to seek assistance.

It is also alleged that Hackshaw’s attacker may have fled the scene via speed boat.

Shortly after the incident, Hackshaw’s mother, Caroline Hazell, told SEARCHLIGHT she was still in shock about what took place.

“I feel real sad because I know he is trying to walk the straight and narrow path…,” Hazell said with a dejected look on her face.

The mother of six said her first son was released from prison on October 5, 2011 and was making a conscious effort to do right.

The office attendant said she was in Questelles when a man came up to her and told her that Brent had been shot in his neck.

“So me say, “True?” and then when I go down the road, I meet the police dem coming up and them tell me he done gone to the hospital,” Hazell related.

On arrival at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, Hazell said she saw her son, but couldn’t stay in the same room too long after seeing the condition of her son’s neck.

“He ain’t talk really, but he just watch me…they had to cut the spear from his neck,” Hazell added.

No arrests have been in the matter. (KW)