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Minister: Vincentians must learn to work together

Minister: Vincentians must learn to work together


In order for there to be a radical change in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Vincentians must learn to work together for the common good of the nation.{{more}}

This was the message delivered by Minister of Culture Frederick Stephenson as he gave remarks at the official launch of the 32nd Anniversary of Independence Programme of Activities. The launch took place on Monday, October 3, 2011, at the Old Public Library in Kingstown.

Stephenson, noting that the Church has a role to play in the unification of the society, stated that, as a Christian nation, we all should learn to love and to forgive.

Describing the recent spate of crime in the country as “uncalled for,” Stephenson stated that persons need to go back to the days where people strove to work together for a common good.

As a Christian society, he stated, we must aim to be Christlike, which means in most cases we must “turn the cheek and forgive.” He added that we now live in a society that has forgotten how to love and how to forgive. Stephenson further noted that the society is a reflection of the church and the church a reflection of the society.

He added that working together does not mean that we all must have the same beliefs, but that there must be compromise in order for the nation to be transformed. He added that though persons have different views, they can still find a common ground.

The launching ceremony also featured performances by Kenneth “Vibrating Skakes” Alleyne who sang “Our Nation is Born” and Gerard “Rasum” Shallow who sang ‘Perseverance’ Representatives from the Youlou Pan Movement, SVG Medical Association, and the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force also made presentations on the activities they will be hosting during the month of October.

Activities include YPM concerts in various villages on the mainland and also in Union Island. The independence activities end with a grand YPM Concert at Heritage Square, featuring various Steel Bands from across the country.

SVG Medical Association will also be hosting its annual Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Cap City Walk, as well as a Pink Sale this Friday, featuring breast cancer awareness ribbons, T-Shirts and other commodities. They will also be hosting a College and Career Exhibition.

The Miss Heritage Pageant will also be featured in the Independence celebrations and will take place on Saturday, October 22, at the Victoria Park. Other activities featured in the month of independence include the Lions Club Public Speaking Competition and the National Independence Bible Quiz. The theme of this year’s Independence Anniversary is “Working together to transform our nation.”(OS)