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Murder on the Rocks

Murder on the Rocks


Hollywood, Redemption Sharpes, resident Gloria John is at a loss and is seeking answers as to why her son was gunned down in the early hours of Wednesday, July 6.{{more}}

The last time John saw her 19-year-old son Andy was about a week ago as she left for her job as a domestic worker in the Queen’s Drive area.

Speaking to John at her new residence in Murray’s Village on the same day he died, John said that the last time she spoke to him was hours before he was killed. Everything was fine.

“I called him everyday and when I spoke to him up to Monday, he tell me he was home early from J’Ouvert because town was boring. He don’t go no where and stayed home on Tuesday.”

“I get the phone call this morning from one, the kids… call me and tell they shoot Andy last night.”

Police reports say that some time before 2am, gunshots were heard in Redemption Sharpes. When they responded to calls, the young John’s body was found with a gunshot wound to the chest.

The deceased’s body was found in an area called ‘Rocks’, just over a mile from where he resided.

Unconfirmed reports are that his neck was also broken.

His mother is attempting to make sense of claims that Andy, also known to his friends and relatives as ‘Maddis’ was abducted by persons in a vehicle without license plates, from his usual hang out spot in Hollywood, and transported to the area where he died.

The former student of the Intermediate High School, who resided in Trinidad and Tobago for some time, is not known to his mother as a trouble maker.

She said that she would not be able to vouch for his friends, but can say for certain that her child was not involved in any criminal activity.

“If you go over Sharpes the whole of Sharpes will tell you that he don’t argue with people, he don’t curse, he don’t trouble people, he don’t molest nobody.”

“I feel really bad. I can’t understand nobody saying them see anything.”

John believes that persons may have seen what took place but are not saying anything.

Andy was the third of four children, and leaves behind apart from Gloria, his father Gary, brothers Andre and Colin and sister Korisha.