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Bayliss Frederick to appear in court today

Bayliss Frederick to appear in court today


Veteran Lawyer Bayliss Frederick is expected to appear in court today to answer to two charges.{{more}}

The 86-year-old lawyer of Cane Garden was arrested during last Thursday’s protest, staged by the New Democratic Party (NDP).

He is charged with using a loud speaker without lawful authority at Bay Street on Thursday, March 3 and assaulting Inspector Calvin Glasgow on that same day.

A senior police officer told SEARCHLIGHT that Frederick was arrested on Thursday, March 3, before he was taken to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital in a police vehicle.

Later that day, when Frederick attempted to leave the hospital, he was told by police officers that he could not do so, because he was under arrest and had to return to the Central Police Station.

The elder Frederick and his daughter, Senator Vynnette Frederick, spent several minutes in a heated argument with three police officers as to why he should be allowed to leave.

In a video footage of the incident posted on Facebook, the senior Frederick is seen in a wheel chair attempting to leave the hospital.

“Move let me pass, nah man,” he said to a policeman, who stood in the doorway.

Senator Frederick stated in the video: “He has discharged himself, therefore, in accordance with the rules of the Hospital he is free to leave. You, therefore, as an officer, must indicate why he is not free to go,” she said.

One of the police officers made a call to one ASP Francis and at that point, the elder Frederick said: “Let them tell you why they must keep me and you save yourself from the melee.”

Senator Frederick complained that her father had had a heart attack and was leaving to be treated privately by his own doctor, because the hospital did not have the capacity do the tests that he needed.

After failing to convince the police officers to allow her father to leave, she shouted hysterically: “The man has had a heart attack. He does not want to be treated in this hospital. He is going home to be treated privately. So if you want to arrest him, arrest him at home!”

The police officer explained to the elder Frederick that he was arrested at the Central Police Station on a traffic offence. At that stage, he accused the police officers of assualting him, but one of the policemen replied “we are not assaulting you Mr. Frederick.”

“You can’t have orders to kill my father and I accept it,” shouted Vynnette.

She added if one Gonsalves caused the death of her father, she “swear to God, it ain’t going so. It ain’t going so today.”

The elder Frederick’s attempt to leave the hospital on Thursday evening failed. He remained in hospital over the weekend, until Monday, when he was discharged.