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Student rushed to Barbados after accident

Student rushed to Barbados after accident


A week and a half after being struck by a vehicle in a hit and run accident, 12-year-old Givorny Nimblett remains in a coma, after he was airlifted to Barbados for further medical treatment.{{more}}

On Wednesday, January 12, Givorny, a first form student of the Thomas Saunders Secondary School, was returning from a shop at Fountain, where he had gone to purchase detergent, when he was knocked down just a few yards away from his home by motor vehicle PR 719, owned by Williams Agencies of Kingstown.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that the driver of the vehicle that hit the boy stopped and spoke briefly to someone before driving off, leaving the child helpless on the ground.

Reports also claim that a man, who was travelling in a mini-bus, stopped it and was able to request assistance to take Givorny to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH).

Earlier that afternoon, a doctor, who was in possession of the vehicle, reportedly gave it to the driver, a Male Attendant at the Levi Latham Health Centre, Mesopotamia, to clean at the hospital’s premises. But it is said that he took the vehicle and went elsewhere.

Reliable information states that Givorny’s condition was considered so critical by health offcials here that his case was referred to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Barbados.

An air ambulance was brought in by the state to facilitate his transfer to that neighbouring country.

On Wednesday, this week, Coville “Smallie” Jackson, of Mesopotamia, who has been assisting the police with their investigations since the accident, was brought to the Mesopotamia Magistrate’s Court in relation to the vehicle being driven without the doctor’s permission. The magistrate requested that the matter be heard in chambers and Jackson and the doctor, as well as police officers of the Mesopotamia Police Station held discussions behind closed doors.

Jackson was later remanded in custody.

“I am still feeling sad over the incident,” said Pat Nimblett, Givorny’s mother, who resides at Overland.

She told SEARCHLIGHT when she heard the news, “It just hit my heart one time so.”

Pat further stated that when she arrrived at the MCMH and saw her son’s condition, she had to leave the room.

“I am taking one day at a time,” she said, adding that Givorny’s father had travelled to Barbados with him.

She said that she did not know who had struck her son, because she has been concentrating on him recovering.