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‘EG’ Lynch claims ex-police gave him ‘Beach’ story

‘EG’ Lynch claims ex-police gave him ‘Beach’ story


A man described as an ex-police officer going by the name of Vibert Williams, has been identified as the source that provided talk show host, Elwardo ‘EG’ Lynch, with information that ACP Lenroy Brewster and former Minister of Housing, Julian Francis, had a meeting on the beach with Antonio ‘Que Pasa’ Gellizeau.{{more}}

Lynch made the disclosure on Friday, October 8, during his testimony at the Serious Offences Court, Kingstown.

He said that he had received the information from Williams, about the meeting that alledgedly took place in August 2007, at Wallilabou. He described Williams as a reliable source.

Lynch is charged with making a false statement on his radio show, ‘New Times’, which is likely to cause fear or alarm.

Under cross-examination by Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Colin Williams, Lynch said his source called him some time in September 2007 and relayed the information. Lynch said he went on air seven or eight days later with the information that he had received.

Before going on air, Lynch said he sought to enquire about the authenticity of the information.

He told the court he met Francis on one occasion and asked him about the alleged meeting.

“He just gave me the middle finger and used a dirty word and crossed the road,” Lynch said.

About two days later, he said he met Que Pasa and asked him about the incident. “He said, ‘what’s wrong with that?’”

All three men have since denied being at the beach in 2007 in the company of each other.

When asked by the DPP why he did not contact the Police Public Relations Department, Lynch said most of the time when he does that, he is asked to speak to some other officer or other department.

After making statements on the radio, Lynch said persons called in on the programme and aired their views.

“Why did you find it necessary to make a comment about ACP Brewster, Antonio Gellizeau and Julian Francis?” asked Williams. Lynch replied: “…days before it was a hot topic in St. Vincent.”

“What made it a hot topic?” Williams further stated. Lynch said it involved well known people.

Lynch at the time had called on the Prime Minister to explain why Brewster and Francis were on the beach with Gellizeau. Asked why he wanted the Prime Minister to explain, Lynch replied, “I know the Prime Minister explains everything….I published it (the statement) because the public will like to know and bring an end to all of it.”

The DPP, however, suggested that the rumours began after Lynch made the statement on the radio and not before.