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Major Leacock pays surprise visit to ULP political meeting

Major Leacock pays surprise visit to ULP political meeting

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The New Democratic Party (NDP) hopeful for the Central Kingstown constituency, Senator St.Clair Leacock, made a surprise visit to the Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) meeting last Thursday, September 16.{{more}}

Leacock turned up at the Green Hill Junction to loud cheers and jeers. He was there to listen to his rival Elvis Charles, who will battle against him for the constituency in the upcoming general elections.

Elections are constitutionally due by March 2011.

Leacock, also called ‘The Major’, was accompanied by a small band of NDP supporters, who stood at a distance, while members of the platform delivered their speeches.

He was on the receiving end of jokes from a number of platform personnel, who among other comments, stated that the fact that he was at the event and was not being molested, was an indication that democracy was alive and well in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Leacock remained cool and kept a smile on his face for most of the meeting, but ventured closer to the platform, when his rival outlined his plans for the constituents if he is elected to represent them in Parliament.

The senator then retreated to his original position after Charles’ presentation, but returned even closer to the stage, as Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves took to the podium and compared Charles to Leacock.

“You have a young man who came from Biabou… and made Central Kingstown his home for 20 something years, when other people running from Central Kingstown to build their house elsewhere.

“This man is so respected by his peers that they elected him by a massive majority and in that way, became president of the Teachers’ Union. And it’s only when he won the contest between himself and comrade Berisford, as a matter of principle, Elvis Charles tendered his resignation.

“In the time when he was president, nobody ever say anything about Elvis and money; nobody ever move him from any key office. He resigned as a matter of principle.

“The same could not be said about St. Clair Leacock. He wanted to hold on to the office of President of the Football federation from now until God come, even though he knew thats he’s running for politics.

“No wonder the young people of the Football Federation kick him out and say that ‘we are not satisfied with your leadership or the principle that you would hang around in an organisation that you should have left if you are going to get involved in practical politics.

“You see the principle on the one hand and a lack of principle on the other.

“I am not defaming anybody, I am speaking the truth,” said Gonsalves.

The Prime Minister described Leacock’s decision to return to the front of the platform as not an act of courage, but one of “barefaced cowardice”.

Gonsalves also stated that if Leacock thought that he was going to get “a pass” because he was present, he was mistaken.

“But comrade, you can’t show yourself with this man. I am an ancient warrior. I am steel.”