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Crash takes unborn child, another woman’s eye

Crash takes unborn child, another woman’s eye

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Alston Charles and Roland Foye were overcome by emotion when they learned of the single tragedy that affected both their lives.{{more}}

The men say that they are trying to suppress anger, while hoping for the best, following a vehicular accident that placed their daughters, and in the case of Foye, his common law wife, who up until Monday was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) with life threatening injuries on Monday.

According to police information, Foye’s partner Shaunette Thompson, who was five months pregnant at the time, along with their daughters, four-year-old Ronesha and Laticia, aged two, and Charles’ 28-year-old daughter Natasha Charles were struck by a motor vehicle while standing on the side of the public road at Chauncey at about 3:40pm.

The report stated that motor vehicle RH 459, owned by Edinboro resident Dwayne Jacobs and driven by Desmond Lewis of Victoria Village, was travelling from the direction of Rillan Hill on the Leeward side of the island when it lost control and struck the victims in the vicinity of the Chauncey bus stop.

According to the report, Charles lost her left eye during the crash, and SEARCHLIGHT understands from Foye that Thompson lost her unborn baby at the hospital.

The couple are also parents to two other daughters, aged six and nine years old.

Foye indicated the condition of his two hospitalized daughters and partner of almost ten years was critical, and he outlined their injuries..

“The mother just barely speaking. The small one down there (Ronesha in Pediatrics Critical Care Unit). She two shoulders broken, and she have problems with her lungs and kidneys.”

Foye, also known as ‘New Man’, indicated that Laticia, who, up to press time Wednesday had not regained consciousness, suffered internal and head injuries.

The dreadlocked mason said that he was at work in the Lower Questelles area when he heard someone speaking of an accident that they had just seen.

“I was just wondering if it’s my family, because I know that dem hours she (Shaunette) is usually in that area bringing Ronesha from school (Green Valley Preschool).”

Foye, who visited the scene of the accident, said he was sad because of what had happened; but his sadness soon turned to anger when he arrived at the hospital.

His anger is directed at the driver of the vehicle, “… because of the condition I see my wife and kids….”

The sentiment was shared by Natasha’s father Alston, who was irate after seeing his daughter for the first time after the accident on Tuesday afternoon.

The Block 2000, Old Montrose man, also dreadlocked, said that he was saddened when he visited his daughter, who was ‘plastered up from head come right down with her two hands bandaged.’

Charles related that about ten years ago, Natasha’s brother Mohan was also struck by a motor vehicle.

“And now he not right in his head since that accident.”

“This is not an easy thing at all.”

Police indicated that as their investigations continue, the driver of the vehicle is being kept in custody.