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Three injured in four vehicle smash-up

Three injured in four vehicle smash-up


Two commuters and a pedestrian received injuries about their bodies, following a four-vehicle collision which took place just outside of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.{{more}}

A failed brake may have led to the series of events which saw New Montrose resident Edwin Gibson, along with Kerwin Barker, of Clare Valley, and Irvine Yorke receiving treatment at the nearby hospital around 8:45 on Tuesday morning.

According to the traffic department in the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force, pick up truck TK 662 owned and driven by Earnest Dennie, of Campden Park, was travelling on the road to Leeward coming into Kingstown.

The report said that Dennie claimed that his brake failed and the vehicle began moving at a fast rate in the area of the Cyrus Hotel, and struck PB 683 owned and driven by Barker in the back, in the vicinity of Randy’s Bakery.

Barker’s vehicle ran onto the sidewalk, then it struck Toyota Prado PN379 which was owned and driven by Renford Byam of Troumaca.

PB 683 then hit Gibson who was standing on the sidewalk, before colliding into the right side of P 788 owned and driven by New Montrose resident Rohan Warner, which had just turned the corner at ‘Hospital Road’ and was on its way out of Kingstown.

TK 662 then came to a stopped when it slammed into the back of PN 379, which had stopped in the middle of the road.

The collisions were described as a series of explosions by persons who were in the area and heard the impact and had persons from nearby buildings; including the MCMH rushing to the scene.

The injured men were taken to the hospital, where Gibson was treated for cuts and bruises, Barker for a cut to his right foot and Yorke, who was a passenger in the pick up for an injury to his face.

The area was sealed off by police for more than an hour while they investigated.

Investigations were still continuing up to press time Wednesday. (JJ)