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Fisherman stabbed in Tokyo

Fisherman stabbed in Tokyo


Rudolph Gloster is perplexed as to why he became the victim of an ongoing feud between his girlfriend and another woman.{{more}}

Gloster, 46, of Barrouallie, was up to press time a patient at the Male Surgical Ward of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital nursing stab wounds.

Police report that Gloster sustained stab wounds to the left side of his chest after trying to settle a dispute with two other persons on May 24, 2010.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT from his bed, an aching Gloster said that he was attending the Fisherman’s day festivities at Little Tokyo when he was viciously attacked. Gloster said while standing with his girlfriend, when the other woman, who was in the company of a man, began hurling threats and other explicits at them.

“Well, we answer back when she throw words, and after we go to the police station to make a report because she been threatening to kill us,” Gloster recalled.

The craftsman added that police officers from the Criminal Investigations Department chased him when he went to report the matter. He however noted than his girlfriend’s report was entertained downstairs at the front office.

Upon returning to Tokyo, Gloster said his girlfriend went to the female washroom, while he stood outside. “When I been standing there, I see the woman coming with a knife in she hand and the man had a bottle so I pick up a piece of palette to defend myself,” he said.

Gloster was struck with the bottle and stabbed.

Gloster noted that the stabbing stemmed from several incidents between his girlfriend and the woman a few weeks ago.

Gloster said that the woman had asked his girlfriend for five dollars, which she gave to her. He added that his girlfriend requested the same favour sometime after, but the woman refused.

“After my girlfriend didn’t get the money, she tell me she ain’t going have nothing to do with her again (the woman). “

Gloster said that the woman even tried to attack him last Saturday.

“I don’t trouble anyone and I always warning them to behave, now look what gone and happen,” Gloster stated.

Up to press time, no one had been charged in connection with Gloster’s stabbing. (KW)