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Peter’s Hope woman tired of harassment by ex-husband

Peter’s Hope woman tired of harassment by ex-husband


A Peter’s Hope woman is expressing shock and disgust that five years after she divorced her husband he is publishing photos of the two of them in the local newspapers, giving the impression that they are still happily married.{{more}}

On Monday, May 17, 2010, Lilian Anderson visited SEARCHLIGHT to make it known publicly she is no longer married to Desmond Lewis, also known as Andre Lewis, of Edinboro, and had received a divorce from him since June 9, 2005.

Anderson noted that she was surprised on Friday, May 14, 2010, when she saw a photos of her and Lewis in the Birthday and Anniversary Sections of three of the weekly newspapers, including SEARCHLIGHT.

Upon investigation she learnt that her ex-husband had visited the newspapers and was the one who paid to publish the photos.

Two photos were published by Lewis in the SEARCHLIGHT newspaper, one, an anniversary greeting, the other a birthday greeting.

The wedding anniversary greeting stated: “On the 17th of May, Happy Anniversary to Mr. Andie Lewis and Mrs. Lilian Lewis nee Anderson, 14 years of marriage. May the blessings of God and his intervension supersede their adversity. Also, happy birthday to you, Lez. Concede and let God be your salvation.”

The birthday greeting said: “Happy birthday to Lilian “Lez” Anderson of Barrouallie, Peters Hope, who’s celebrating on the 17th May. You were born on the said date, you got married that should be a blessing. It is now 14 years since you are married. Trials and tribulation you have gone through, obstacles are still there to be overcome. I pray that God will continue to bless you and your family, seek intercession, pray for revelation and deliverance.”

Anderson disclosed that she filed for the divorce after enduring an abusive relationship, which included threats to her life.

She said at one point she had to seek refuge in St. Lucia.

Anderson said that even after Lewis had wished them a happy anniversary and her a happy birthday in the newspapers on Friday, May 14, 2010, on that same day he threatened to kill her, when he met her in Kingstown.

“Last weekend was for greetings. I don’t know if this weekend is for death announcement,” Anderson remarked.

“He said he has no reason to live because he loves me and I can’t see that because other elements are blocking my way. He told me also that if I don’t come back and meet him, he is going to kill himself, but he can’t kill himself and leave me here to suffer. He is going to kill me too,” said Anderson of the most recent threat.

“To be honest, I wasn’t fearful. I was only discouraged when I saw all this mess,” said the distraught woman.

on April 4, 2010, Lewis recalled that she was almost killed, along with members of her church while returning from the official launch of the National Gospel Festival. She alleges that Lewis overtook the vehicle that they were travelling in and swerved his vehicle in front of it.

Anderson said that the vehicle she was travelling in ran off the road and into the bush at the side of the road at Rillan Hill.

The upset woman said Lewis had to be coaxed by the driver of the vehicle that she was in, into removing his vehicle.

She said by the time she got to the Layou Police Station he was already there.

She claimed that night he was arrested by police at the Layou Police Station after threatening to follow her.

Anderson admitted being fearful of Lewis in the past, but she said she is tired of running and doesn’t intend to do so anymore.

Anderson told SEARCHLIGHT that Lewis’ past bizarre behaviour includes him sleeping at her gate in his vehicle for several nights.

She added, it doesn’t matter how many times she changes her telephone numbers, Lewis would somehow get them and call throughout the night.

Following the interview, Anderson said she was leaving for the Central Police Station to file a complaint against Lewis.