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Man loses leg in Tokyo mishap

Man loses leg in Tokyo mishap

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One man was seriously injured, while two others received minor injuries, after a driver is alleged to have lost control of his vehicle at the Windward bus terminal last week.{{more}}

The accident took place just after 4 pm last Friday, April 16.

Trevor Baptiste, 50, of Fair Hall, lost his right leg as a result of the accident, while two others were treated for minor injuries at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital and were discharged.

One eyewitness told SEARCHLIGHT that he and a friend were standing at the bus terminal, when Honda CRV PQ 736, driven by Bertie Bacchus, veered into a group of persons.

The eyewitness explained that his back was turned when he heard something like thunder. He added that when he turned around, he saw persons running for safety.

He said that he then saw the CRV coming in his direction.

Luckily, he and his friends were spared the full brunt of the impact by a parked truck, the man said.

“If it wasn’t for the truck, we would have gotten it,” the man said.

Christalia Liverpool also gave an account of what took place.

According to Liverpool, she was making her way over to one of the eventual victims when she said she saw the vehicle hit the three victims.

Her uncle, Grafton Liverpool, was one of the injured.

She said she went over and saw blood coming from her uncle’s head.

Driver of the vehicle, Bertie Bacchus, told SEARCHLIGHT that the vehicle’s brakes malfunctioned.

According to Bacchus, he had just moved his vehicle from a parked position and was making his way out of the bus terminal.

“I was over there and a car was blocking me. After it moved I reversed,” Bacchus told SEARCHLIGHT.

“Another vehicle was parked and so I came over, but when I tried to stop, I got nothing,” the man contended.

The matter is under investigation. (DD)