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Young entrepreneur robbed, shot at in broad daylight

Young entrepreneur robbed, shot at in broad daylight


Up and coming entrepreneur Steve Wallace is hoping that the person who relieved him of over $7000 illegally would be brought to justice.{{more}}

Though short of what he considers hard earned and seriously needed cash, Wallace is thankful that the situation did not end with a loss of life, after he was shot at by the robber.

Wallace, the executive director of WHD Productions, a video production and film company, became the latest victim of a string of daring daylight robberies taking place in Kingstown.

The Arnos Vale resident related to SEARCHLIGHT that he had just made a withdrawal from a financial institution and was to do business at another when the robber struck.

“I went by GECCU and there I got two cheques; then I went by NCB to change them and withdraw some of the money, Wallace related.

“I leave now to make my way up to RBTT to make a deposit for a wire transfer, to buy some equipment I need to use at the Bequia Music Festival at the end of the month.”

Wallace said that just after crossing the street at Singer, heading towards Bickles, someone rushed him from behind and grabbed the lap top case that he was carrying, which contained the cash.

He said that the individual, who was masked, ran across the street and ran through the doorway next to the old treasury building.

Shouting for help and for the robber to stop, Wallace said he chased the man but lost him behind the post office.

“I was asking people if they saw a guy running and people were pointing in the direction of the street going up Grammar School. When I get up to Grammar School somebody pointed to a vehicle; the guy was bent down there changing his clothes.”

Wallace said the individual started walking away from him and tried to mislead him by saying the person he was looking for had gone in another direction.

But recognizing the build of the suspect, Wallace continued to chase after the man.

“He crossed the street and went up to Beachmont in the direction of Eyes R Us, then take the first gap on the left, he run behind the NDP building then behind the Venezuelan Building and was hiding behind an old truck.”

“I was going over to jump him but I see he pull out a silver gun and point at me. I duck back behind the building and he buss two shots then started to run again.”

Wallace said that the individual ran back on the main road and crossed the street in the vicinity of the Girls’ High School entrance. There he searched the case, retrieved the money, discarded the rest of its belongings, then fired another shot before heading up in the direction of Mckies Hill then disappearing.

Wallace described the suspect as being about six feet tall, light skinned and dressed in a blue t-shirt, which he then changed to a white.

The blue shirt was retrieved by police who came on the scene shortly after.

Police meanwhile stated that they are still investigating the crime, and up to now have few leads.

They are, however, optimistic that the crime will be solved.

Wallace is disturbed that the event took place in broad daylight, lamenting that the perpetrator had little regard for the safety and lives of others.

The former national swimmer, who represented St. Vincent and the Grenadines at a number of regional and international competitions, said that seeing that it occurred during the day, he is almost certain that persons may have an idea of who the robber is.

“A lot of people see, but they might be scared to come forward and cooperate and tell the police, and I understand that, but I am appealing for someone to come forward.”

“Instead of me it could have been you or a family member,” Wallace added.

“I coulda get killed. He led me to believe that he was just resting and me not knowing he had a gun, he coulda killed me behind the building and nobody see.”

Wallace’s company has filmed and projected for a number of major concerts and shows in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, including Vincy Mas, Can Fest, Blues and Rhythms Festival, and most recently the Starlift and Friends concert at Arnos Vale.