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Mother of six gunned down in her living room

Mother of six gunned down in her living room


The bullet that claimed Kashorn John’s life seems to have shattered her 13-year-old daughter’s life also.{{more}}

Kashorn, a 32-year-old mother of six, was gunned down in her living room at Campden Park just before dawn last week Saturday morning.

Her daughter Bonecia John was awake at the time of the shooting.

She said she heard the sound of the bullet, but never in her wildest dreams did she think the noise to be the explosion of a bullet that had already penetrated the left side of her mother’s abdomen.

Kashorn had just arrived home from a dance when she was fatally wounded.

“When mommy come in, the noise awake me. I see mommy taking off her clothes. I was trying to go back to sleep when I heard ‘bow’. At the time I think it was the transformer that blow out.

“I heard mommy bawl out ‘Oh God’, ‘Oh God’. I run outside, then I saw mommy with blood coming from her left side,” said Bonecia, noting that her father was trying to ask Kashorn who was lying on the floor what had happened to her.

“I thought she was stabbed and I ask her who did that to her,” said Bonecia, adding that she immediately rushed through the door and called the neighbours to help.

It is claimed that Kashorn identified her killer before she died that morning.

Since then, Bonecia, who shared a close relationship with her mother, has been crying helplessly. At one point during the interview, while being supported by her auntie Zoe-ann John, the lass complained about feeling weak.

Zoe-ann, who has a daughter of her own, said she now has the responsibility of caring for her sister’s six children: Desron John, 15; Bonecia John, 13; Kishroy John, 10; Desborn John, 9; Ariah John, 6; and Ishorn John, 3.

She told SEARCHLIGHT her sister would not have liked the children to be separated, so she is doing all that she can to keep them together.

Zoe-ann said she received the fateful news of her sister’s demise just after 5 a.m. last Saturday.

“I say what? I bawl out and run out of the house to call neighbours and relatives,” said Zoe-ann.

Zoe-ann told SEARCHLIGHT her sister called her last month and told her that she had been involved in a fracas with another young woman from Campden park.

“She said the young lady told her she would kill her or get somebody to do it. My sister just laughed,” said Zoe-ann, adding “I really can’t believe my sister got killed”.

“It’s like I’m in a dream and haven’t got out as yet,” Zoe-ann lamented.

Clarice Henry, Cameta Hoyte, and Mary Nanton, three of Kashorn’s friends, were at Zoe-ann’s home on Wednesday to offer their condolences. They expressed shock at Kashorn’s passing. They spent the morning recalling fun times they shared as they described her as a jovial person.

Like Zoe-ann, they all agreed they would like to see the perpetrators brought to justice. Two persons are assisting the police with their investigations.

It has only been one year and a month since Kashorn has been released from prison.

On Thursday, August 2007, Kashorn was sentenced to three years imprisonment for having in her possession one shotgun at her home. She was released after only one year in jail.