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Victim relieved Bop bandit stopped

Victim relieved Bop bandit stopped


A victim of the ‘Bop Bandit’ is expressing relief that the seasoned criminal has been apprehended, and she hopes that his life of crime has come to an end.{{more}}

Janet Williams, a mother of ten, was relieved of $300 when Augustus Roger Greaves of Choppins sprayed her face with the insecticide Bop and made off with her purse last Monday, September 14.

“I take off me bag, pull out ah fifty dollars to give ah gentleman to buy me some drinks.

“By the time I put back the purse in the bag, I just feel this thing in my face, and when I hold my face this man pull my bag and was away,” the vendor explained to SEARCHLIGHT.

Williams, who operates outside the Little Tokyo bus terminal across from PH Veira Supermarket, said that she saw the robber leaning on a vehicle just moments before he attacked, but did not pay him any mind.

After he pounced on Williams and grabbed her bag, Greaves made good his escape by running between a number of vehicles.

The Sion Hill resident claims to have suffered for days from the effects of the insecticide, with symptoms which included a sore throat and cracked lips.

She expressed disappointment about losing her money, which she indicated was for paying her usual bills and also for her children.

“I feel real bad, I feel sad. This is the first time since I know myself anything like this ever happen,” she lamented.

Williams is just one of the many victims who fell prey to Greaves and his spray can: On September 3, Michael Scully, a 73-year-old retired contractor, was robbed by Greaves in the vicinity of the General Post Office, and on September 11, Cybil Stapleton was assaulted and robbed of items valued over $2000.

Greaves was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment on Monday, September 21, at the Magistrate’s Court in Kingstown. More charges are expected to be laid against Greaves. (JJ)