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Police offer cash for illegal guns

Police offer cash for  illegal guns


Persons who have illegal firearms can now hand them over to the police and be rewarded handsomely without any questions asked.{{more}}

Commissioner of Police Keith Miller made this bold declaration last Thursday, August 20, while addressing a group of Ottley Hall and Edinboro residents in continuing efforts to establish peace among the rivaling factions.

“I promise you will be rewarded handsomely. One gun off the street, to me, means one life saved,” Miller stated. The top cop said some people may be hesitant in handing over the guns for fear of being arrested, but he reassured persons once the guns are handed over, no questions will be asked and no charges will be brought against them. “We are prepared to reward you for the firearm and no charges will be brought. That’s a promise,” he assured.

However, when asking for the reward, Miller pleaded with persons to be reasonable when doing so.

Miller told the small gathering that if persons are not comfortable with handing over the guns to the police, they could hand them over to a pastor in the community.

Both communities have been grabbing headlines in recent weeks after a truce was agreed to between some of the feuding young men at a peace meeting at the Police Conference room. (KW)