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Gregory Deane: ‘I was not expecting so many distinctions’

Gregory Deane: ‘I was not expecting so many distinctions’


Gregory Deane of the St.Vincent Grammar School has returned the most outstanding performance in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the 2009 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations.{{more}}

“I was surprised,” Deane remarked during an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, which was held in his Headmaster’s office last Wednesday afternoon shortly after receiving his results.

The 15-year-old, who hails from Akers, scored eleven grades ones and one grade two. He received grade ones with straight A profiles in Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English A, French, Information Technology (Technical), Mathematics, Physics, Principles of Business, and Spanish. The lad also scored a grade one for Geography and a grade two for English B.

With a beaming smile, Gregory, the son of Jannis Deane of Akers and Georgy Tuayev of Russia, stated: “I was not expecting so many distinctions.”

The lad is aspiring to be a Computer Engineer. However, in the new academic year, he will pursue studies at the Division of Arts, Sciences and Humanities of the Community College in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Reminiscing on his exams, he admitted that he was nervous when he sat the English B exam which was his first test. However, by the time he wrote his other exams, that feeling had subsided.

He encourages students across the country to try as hard as possible at their academics and they will succeed.

Jannis, who was on hand to witness Gregory receive his results, expressed her pleasure at her son’s performance. The Communication Studies Lecturer at the Community College said over the years her son has always worked hard and has been consistent in his studies.

“Like every other parent, I have big dreams for Gregory, but I do not want him to be successful financially alone. I want him to give back to humanity,” said Deane, noting that as a parent she can only dream.

Frank Jones, the proud Headmaster of the St.Vincent Grammar School, disclosed that his school also had outstanding performances from Kenvorn Cuffy who received 11 passes with 10 grade ones and one grade two and Shane Clarke, Shane Cole, and Naji Moussa who received nine passes with seven grade ones and two grades twos each.

Jones said overall, the St. Vincent Grammar School received a pass rate of 84.3 per cent. Last year the score was 84.1 per cent.

He stressed that his school will not be satisfied until the institution’s overall performance gets into the 90s. “I believe our boys are capable of bringing us in the 90s,” said Jones, while promising to lift the bar in the new academic year.

“Our management is ready to go. We are ready to lift the bar. It could only be to the benefit of the students,” said Jones, noting that he has a philosophy that performance begins at the head and with management.

He used the opportunity to thank his staff and everyone who contributed to the success of the school. (HN)