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Cain shows she’s able to perform

Cain shows she’s able  to perform


She built a reputation for herself as an ace student and on Wednesday, when the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) results were released, Shonieka Cain of Bonhomme was on top of the world, having proved her worth as the nation’s top female performer with results of 11 grade ones, with straight A profiles in eight of them.{{more}}

When SEARCHLIGHT caught up with Cain at the Girls’ High School (GHS), one hour after she received her results from Headmistress Andrea Bowman, Shonieka, the daughter of teachers Kent and Veronica Cain, was still bubbling with excitement.

“I was in Bickles when I received a call about my results. At first I didn’t believe. However, I started screaming,” said the elated 16-year-old with a broad smile as she tried to calm herself.

Shonieka, a former student of the Cane End Government School, who had placed eight for girls and 13th overall in the 2004 Common Entrance Examinations, received straight A profiles for Mathematics, English A, English B, Chemistry, Physics, Electronic Document Preparation Management, Accounts, and Information Technology (Technical). She also received grade ones for Geography, Biology, and Spanish.

The teenager, who has dreams of becoming a Paediatrician, will first attend the Community College in the new academic year to pursue Advanced Level subjects in Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry.

“I didn’t really study that much,” said Shonieka, as she gave thanks to her mother and God Mother Ela Davis for their support.

The lass also used the opportunity to thank Mathematics Teacher Gillis Francis for his inspiration. In Francis’ Five Science Class at the GHS, of which Shonieka was a member, 24 students sat Mathematics, 19 received grade ones, while five received grade twos.

Shonieka’s word of advice to students across the country is: “Study hard, but still have fun and remember to trust in God.”

With regard to the GHS’ performance, Bowman disclosed that her school scored an overall performance of 91.2 per cent. Last year’s score was 93.2 per cent.

“We are down a bit, but I am relieved,” said Bowman with a smile.

Students at the GHS took the CSEC examinations in 25 subject areas, and of these, they scored 100 per cent passes in nine subjects areas: Chemistry, Physics, Home Management, Information Technology (Technical), Information Technology (General), Integrated Science, Visual Arts, Electronic Document Preparation Management, and Physical Education.

“It’s noteworthy,” said Bowman.

The GHS has 20 students with 11 passes, 43 students with 10 passes, and 49 students with nine passes. (HN)