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Mother says she didn’t start fight

Mother says she didn’t start fight


She is ashamed that she fought in the presence of her son and other children, but Tiffany Smith, the parent who last month came to blows with her son’s teacher, swears that she is innocent of the assault charges she is currently answering in court. Accordingly, she entered a plea of Not Guilty.{{more}}

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, Smith said that while it has been bandied about that a parent attacked a teacher – it was a fight, and her version is that she did not start it.

Smith said that on Thursday, March 5th, she went to collect her son at the Kingstown Preparatory School at around 2:45 pm.

According to Smith, she waited patiently, but after about seven or so minutes, she saw other parents going downstairs, so she followed.

She claims that shortly after she went downstairs, her son’s teacher opened the door to let some children out, looked at her, and started to close the door.

Smith told SEARCHLIGHT that she told the teacher that she could have said that she was keeping back the children.

The children were being kept back for misbehaviour and were being let out individually as they behaved themselves.

“She shouted that it was her classroom and slammed the door in my face,” Smith alleges.

Smith said that she hit the door with the palms of both her hands and walked away. Smith alleges that the teacher then rushed out, pushed her in her back and shouted: “You hit me with the door.”

A fight ensued.

Smith said that she is ashamed about what happened, but claims that she was just reacting to the teacher’s actions.

“I thought I had to defend myself.”

She also denies pushing the door violently and hitting the teacher, who was on the inside of the door, as the complaint against her suggests she did.

Smith is further upset that she was informed that her son was to be transferred from the school because of the incident.

She said that she was given a choice between the Lodge Village and Kingstown Government Primary schools, which she resisted.

Her son was eventually allowed back into the Kingstown Preparatory School, she said.

SEARCHLIGHT spoke to Chief Education Officer Susan Dougan, who offered an explanation concerning the attempt to have Smith’s six-year-old son transferred.

Dougan said that she was out of state when a discussion in this regard was held, but on her return, further discussions were held with the staff of the Kingstown Preparatory School on the matter.

She said that the Ministry explained its position that “the child did nothing wrong,” and should not be “punished” because of the incident involving his teacher and mother.

Searchlight understands that the boy has returned to school but is assigned to a different class. The school has three Grade 1 classes.

Smith, who is adamant that her actions in the fight were justified, says the incident is seriously affecting her.

She told SEARCHLIGHT that she is due to begin university studies and is worried about what effect the charge against her will have on her application.

“I am hoping for justice. I don’t want to be thrown under the bus,” Smith said.

Searchlight has been reliably informed that Smith’s attorneys will be filing private criminal charges against the teacher.