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Buttercup fruit not strange after all


What a Redemption Sharpes resident thought may have been a “perfect marriage” between his breadnut tree and a buttercup plant turns out to be nothing unusual.{{more}}

Last week, Searchlight published a story captioned “Sharpes man creates new hybrid fruit”. However, we have since learnt that the fruit in question was not a hybrid or any special phenomenon, as the buttercup plant does indeed bear a fruit with the characteristics observed.

In a letter to Searchlight dated April 6, Marcus Richards of the Ministry of Agriculture, who was quoted in the article, said: “I received a call from the journalist from your establishment, indicating that there is the likelihood of a cross between a buttercup and breadnut plant in Sharpes. I informed the journalist that if this were so, it would be a strange phenomenon, since both plants are of different species, and this is not likely to occur. I visited the site of interest and then the journalist in question was informed of my follow up. At the same time, I informed her of plants which may flower and fruit after a number of years, but given my unfamiliarity with this fruit, I would do the relevant research and return a call the following week.

“At no point did I corroborate the story or imply that such an occurrence had taken place. I advised that the information should not be published until verification was done. It is with much disappointment that this article appeared before I was able to confirm that indeed the plant bears a fruit with the characteristics observed.”

Searchlight sincerely apologises to Mr. Richards for any misunderstanding and the break down in communication which seems to have occurred. We deeply regret any embarrassment the article may have caused.