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Sharpes man creates new hybrid fruit

Sharpes man creates new hybrid fruit


by Samantha Campbell 03.APR.09

A Redemption Sharpes man may have inadvertently created a new species of fruit when he planted a Buttercup flowering tree alongside a Breadnut tree.{{more}}

Granville ‘Sunblaze’ Findlay said he noticed an odd-looking fruit growing from a branch of the Buttercup tree last week.

Upon closer inspection, Findlay noted the golden-apple sized fruit had the appearance of a breadnut fruit complete with several tiny spikes.

According to the former calypsonian, the 40-year-old breadnut tree and the 16-year-old buttercup had created the perfect marriage.

Marcus Richards from Plant Protection Agency in the Ministry of Agriculture said that the development of this fruit is a strange phenomenon. Richards said his department will continue to monitor its development over the next few weeks.

Possible names for this ‘mutant’ fruit could include ‘Breadcup’ or ‘Bread and Butter’.