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Parent, teacher clash over child’s detention


Charges of assault and damage to property will be slapped on a woman who had a run-in with her child’s teacher last week.{{more}}

According to information reaching Searchlight, the incident occurred at the Kingstown Preparatory School just after the final bell rang on Thursday, March 5th.

At press time, SEARCHLIGHT understands that orders to charge the parent in connection with the incident had been handed down.

On the afternoon in question, information is that the parent took offence to how long it was taking for her child to be released from the classroom, when she saw other pupils being let out.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that the children were being held back because of misbehaviour and were let out individually when they behaved themselves.

Contrary to school rules, the parent went to the classroom and had words with the teacher, Searchlight further understands. Parents are not allowed past the landing at the front of the school except between 11:45 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. to feed their young children.

SEARCHLIGHT’s information is that after an exchange of words, the teacher closed the door.

The parent is said to have aggressively pushed open the door, which hit the teacher. A fight ensued in full view of the teacher’s Grade One class and had to be broken up by teachers and security personnel, information reaching SEARCHLIGHT indicates.

The teacher, who sustained several injuries stemming from the incident is said to be back on the job.

When SEARCHLIGHT contacted the school, we were told that no comment will be made about the incident because it is in the hands of the police.