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Green Hill man dies in mom’s arms at hospital

Green Hill  man dies in mom’s arms  at hospital


The family of a Green Hill man is wondering if the right procedures were followed, from the first time he went to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital complaining of belly pains, to the time he collapsed and died in one of the institution’s bathrooms.{{more}}

Sheffield Haynes, 30, died in his mother’s arms on Sunday, February 8th, while attempting to take a shower, shortly after 7 p.m. that evening.

He was admitted to the male surgical ward about two hours before.

His mother, Stella Haynes, and his sister, Kristin Duncan visited the offices of SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, where they suggested that the deceased could have been alive today if staff at the Hospital had taken them seriously.

Duncan related that she had taken her brother to the Accident and Emergency Unit on Tuesday, February 3, after he complained of stomach pains.

“They tell him he have Leptospirosis and gave him gas tablets, some antibiotics, some Gravol and five injections, then send him home.

“I took him back to the Hospital on Wednesday, February 4, because he was still sick and vomiting. They tend to him on a chair and tell him to mop up the vomit himself.”

Duncan related that her brother was again treated and sent back home, only for them to return again the following day (Thursday, February 5) and then Friday, February 6, since Sheffield had not gotten any better, but instead got worse.

The annoyed Duncan said that she was then told that her brother just had ‘gas’ and he was given more medication and injections.

“When we went back, the doctor say she fed up seeing he down here,” Duncan noted.

According to Duncan, early on Sunday morning, family members took Sheffield down to the hospital for the fifth time, he was sent home after being looked at only to return for the sixth time.

This time, after an x-ray was done, Sheffield was finally admitted to the Hospital as a patient some time later.

Sheffield’s stay in the Hospital, however, was short-lived, since he passed away just about two hours after being admitted.

His mother related that her son was just about to take a shower when he collapsed in her arms.

“I had to drag him to a chair and even when I called for a nurse nobody come,” she recalled.

An autopsy performed on Haynes’ first-born son revealed that he died of septic shock, abscess formation and a ruptured appendix.

Both Haynes and her daughter believe that if proper care was taken, the farmer would still be alive and well.

Another member of the family has promised to take up the matter with the relevant authorities at the Hospital, but when SEARCHLIGHT contacted both the Medical Director and Hospital Administrator, they indicated that no such report or complaint had reached them.

Hospital Administrator Fitzroy Jones indicated that he would look into the matter, having heard about it, but said that nothing official could be done until, or unless, a report was made.

Meanwhile, the family of the deceased was busy getting things in place for a funeral tomorrow, which will take place at the Apostolic Faith Church in Murray’s Village, with burial at the Kingstown Cemetery.

Sheffield’s mother said that it was tough losing her first-born child, who she said was a loving son and brother.