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Biabou home gutted by fire

Biabou home gutted by fire


A family at Biabou is now homeless after fire guttered its dwelling home.{{more}}

On Wednesday, October 22nd, at approximately 2 p.m., while at work, Juliet Glasgow received a phone call, informing her that her two bedroom house was ablaze.

The mother of four said her 17-year-old son Angelo was the only person at home when the incident occurred. She said he told her that he was “by the road and when he went up home, he see the house burning.”

According to Glasgow, they were unable to save anything from the board and wall structure. “When we reach on the spot everything was burnt,” related Glasgow.

She told Searchlight that she and her children are presently getting a “lodging from a friend”. The woman and her boyfriend Theophilus suspect some foul play in the incident. (VM)