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Mentally ill man shot and killed in Biabou

Mentally ill man shot and killed in Biabou

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The checkered life of Kamasha Alexander came to a violent end last week, when he was allegedly shot by police in Biabou.{{more}}

A police release issued on Wednesday stated that Alexander, also known as Suicide, allegedly went into the home of his grandfather and was behaving violently.

The release further stated that the police were summoned to the scene and on arrival, Alexander lunged at them with a knife and he was shot.

He was taken to the Biabou Health Centre where he died.

Sources say that Alexander was shot seven times, in his head, chest, arm and legs.

It is alleged that the 29-year-old had earlier that day suffered a nervous breakdown and had been taken to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital for treatment.

He allegedly eluded hospital authorities, but was confronted by police in the street and was being taken to Police Headquarters in Kingstown, when he once again escaped and proceeded to Biabou.

A resident of Chester Cottage, where he lived with his girlfriend and five-year-old son, he was said to have been behaving erratically; taking off his clothes and shouting upon entering his grandfather’s house.

It was at this point that the police were called.

This was not Alexander’s first encounter with police in his short lifespan.

He had served time in prison for crimes including assault and damage to property.

His runs-in with the law had brought him beatings at the hands of the police in the past; one such encounter was documented by Searchlight in our issue of November 24th 2000.

But recently, Alexander was said to have been making attempts to turn his life around.

The dropout from the St. Vincent Grammar School had been attending evening classes, and had recently written O’ level examinations and passed three subjects.

He was said to be a dedicated father to his five-year-old son Ryan.

The second of six children born to Monty and Lovedear Alexander, Kamesha gained his nickname while a schoolboy after he had climbed to the top of the St. Vincent Grammar School building and threatened to jump.

A funeral date is yet to be announced.