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Ridgeview Construction booted off Bucament Bay Project

The developers of the US$200 million Buccament Beach Resort have fired their contractors Ridgeview Construction, and a new construction firm is being formed to continue work on the project.{{more}}

Chairman of Harlequin Hotel and Resort, Dave Ames, confirmed the new turn of events to SEARCHLIGHT earlier this week, saying that the move was made to allow his company to have “more control of the building of the resort.”

Ames said that his company was dissatisfied with the way some things were being done in relation to the construction of the resort.

He, however, said that “the shortcomings” in the construction are not major and can be rectified.

While he rubbished suggestions that there had been misappropriation of funds on the project, Ames, however, said, “I wanted to have more control to ensure who was getting paid and what was getting paid, and (that) everything was going fine.”

He also firmly stated that because of the magnitude of the project; the size of the investment he has made, it was his prerogative to make the change as he sees fit.

The work will be continued by Harlequin Construction, a construction firm that is being set up by Ames and his group.

Ames said that the move to remove Ridgeview had been brewing over the last six months.

As for the 400 or so workers who were laid off six weeks ago, Ames said that over the next two weeks they will be slowly taken back to work, with the view to have all of them back.

At the press conference six weeks ago when the plans to lay off workers were announced, Ames said that the move was due to construction changes that had to be made to satisfy the wishes of the 39-hotel strong, Spanish Hotel chain, Oasis, with whom his company had signed a management contract.

The final layout for the resort has been looked over by Oasis, and Ames said that they are now ready to resume work, albeit with his Harlequin Construction at the helm.