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Wonders of Nature brings buzz for SVG Players

by Viclene Matthews

With a presentation filled with excitingly strange colours, artistry and creativity, SVG Players International has once again captured the Junior Band of the Year title.

From the time they stepped on stage last Saturday with their 2008 presentation Exotica -‘Wonders of Nature’, they captured the senses of the spectators at Carnival City Victoria Park, with their bright, vibrant colours.{{more}}

Their first group presentation, the Africanised Honey Bees, brought a definite buzz to the park. Their other presentation was Red breasted humming bird.

The Dragons Cultural organization in their presentation ‘The Beauty and Cultures of South America’ had to settle for second place in the Band of the Year category. With their “Party in Space” exhibit, Blondie Bird and Friends took the third spot.

“Shangai Nights”, a portrayal from Hitz Fm Digicel Nelson Bloc, had to settle for the fourth position, but they ruled the road in the uptown competition. Singer Lynx organisation with ‘Signs and Wonders’ came in fifth, while “Things Bright and Beautiful” portrayed by Owen Ralph and the Professionals took the sixth position.

Ronesha Rose, in her portrayal of “Queen of the Hives”, captured the Junior Queen of the Band title. Her costume was a definite showcase of artistry and imagination.

Nekeisha Saunders of the band Blondie Bird and Friends, with her portrayal of Venus Goddess of Love, took the second position. She was indeed a Goddess and showed she could rule her kingdom with her thrilling stage presentence.

Aaliyah Smith of Dragons, in her portrayal of “Rainforest”, came in third, and Angelica Boyea, with “Chinese New Year’s Festival”, of Hitz Fm Digicel Nelson Bloc, was fourth.

Kenroy Francis, in his portrayal “Puppet Master”, from Hitz Fm Digicel Nelson Bloc, took the Junior King title. Blondie Bird and Friends was second with “Alien in a space ship”, portrayed by Atiron Lockhart. Keivi Howard of SVG Players International with his presentation “Pride of the Peacock’s Party” came third, while High Voltage with their presentation “Guardman of the Pyramid’ displayed by Ameil John was fourth.

In the Individuals five to nine category, Lauren McGuire of Digicel Nelson Bloc was first with her portrayal “Flying Daggers”. In second position was Shania Thompson of SVG Players International who portrayed “Red Breasted Humming Bird”, Lorenzo John of High Voltage was third with his portrayal of Horis.

In the Individuals ten to fifteen category, Blondie Bird and Friends took the top two positions with Sophia Dick who portrayed Sun Bathers and Aaliyah Dupont who portrayed Flying Saucer. Kevin Francis of Digicel Nelson Bloc with his costume Imperial Guard took the third position.