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Schoolgirl pushed over bridge by another girl

Schoolgirl pushed over bridge by another girl


“Father you freed me three years ago from cocaine. You took me out of the belly of the whale. So how can you take my daughter now?” a distraught father prayed.{{more}}

With tears flowing, Rudolph “Iron Tuff” Foster told SEARCHLIGHT that his life has been turned up side down since his daughter was pushed over a wall into the North River in the area close to Victoria Park.

According to eyewitnesses, 16-year-old Dr. JP Eustace Memorial Secondary School student Ashaki Foster was sitting on the wall a little after noon on Monday, May 26th, when a white car drove up and a girl got out. She approached Ashaki, they had an exchange of words, then the girl, said to be a classmate of Ashaki’s, pushed Ashaki, then went back into the car which drove off.

Molly Ashton told SEARCHLIGHT that after Ashaki was pushed, she grabbed onto her and held onto her skirt, but she was unable to pull her back up, so she shifted her to the side so that she would not fall on a rock that was in the river below. Ashaki fell and hit her head on a breadfruit tree. She then rolled over a rock and fell into the water face down.

Fellow students Molly and Giovanni Williams immediately rushed down the embankment to assist Ashaki. Molly received some scratches on her face, hands and legs in the process. Giovanni lifted Ashaki out of the water and thumped her three times in the back to force the water she had ingested out of her lungs, then he held her on his chest for a while.

Two construction workers who were working on the Victoria Park side of the river went down the embankment and helped to carry an unconscious Ashaki up to the road, after which she was taken to the nearby Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH).

Ashaki didn’t regain consciousness until 5:00 p.m. that afternoon. Her best friend Gezon Ross, who kept a vigil at her bedside, said that when Ashaki awoke, she complained of pains in her head and about her body, then asked her mother if it was three o’clock yet. Gezon also said that while Ashaki was unconscious, she kept talking to her about the upcoming Miss SVG pageant and what they are going to wear.

“Iron Tuff” said that since Monday, his daughter has had numerous tests, including three sets of x-rays. He said that the doctors told him that he may have to fly his daughter to Grenada or St Lucia for further testing.

The father of four said that his older son was taken in by the police for allegedly threatening the driver of the car involved in the incident. “As a Rasta man, I have to give thanks to Jah Rastafari and the youth man who save my daughter’s life and the youth daughter who helped her and the workmen who helped carry her out of the water,” Iron Tuff said.

At press time no arrest had been made in connection with the incident.